No vax, “I, a family doctor, will cure those who protest but then I will reject them” –

No vax, “I, a family doctor, will cure those who protest but then I will reject them” –
No vax, “I, a family doctor, will cure those who protest but then I will reject them” –
from Margherita De Bac

Amedeo Giorgetti put a notice in the clinic: Big Pharma’s servant? Change doctor

«Dear patient, Covid has devastated human and professional life. Up to now, the vaccine is the only weapon to avoid getting sick. If you have any doubts or concerns, I am available. If, on the other hand, you believe that the vaccine is a dangerous weapon in the hands of drug multinationals with the connivance of us family doctors, please change your clinic because I do not tolerate these stupid and insulting accusations“. Signed, Dr. Amedeo Giorgetti.

When he stuck it on the door of his surgery in the center of Recanati, the charming town known for being the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, the author of the sign he was at the height of anger, accumulated over weeks of great tension.

So what did he do?

«I said enough, it’s time to react. From now on I will reject the no vax patients, obviously after having healed them. I will go to the ASL and explain my reasons “.

And what are they?

«Our work, which I carry out with passion and I consider wonderful at the tender age of 65, is based on a trusting relationship with the patient. If he is missing, it makes no sense for me to assist him. Do you know how I spent Saturday? From 8 to 10 in the clinic. From 10 to 14 at the voluntary vaccination center organized with other 9 colleagues and 20 civil protection children, 2 thousand anti-Covid vaccinations carried out yesterday. In the afternoon I go to the home of the elderly to immunize them against influenza and pneumococcus. I follow many of them with telemedicine. Since I believe in what I do, I no longer admit to being the target of insults and accusations by the no vax ».

Do you really intend to reject those who refuse the doses?

“Not only will I do this, but I hope other colleagues will join me. I got a lot of support when I launched the chat initiative Renaissance Teams vs Covid, administered by the pharmacologist Carlo Centemeri, who collects authoritative names in medicine ».

What drop broke the camel’s back?

“Three episodes in two days, the last of a series. The first. A 55-year-old patient of mine, obese, hypertensive and diabetic, with whom I have been discussing for six months to try to convince him to get the vaccine and he no, for heaven’s sake, who knows what you’re putting me inside, tested positive for the swab. I followed him, sent the home care team, the Usca, home to him, and told him that once he recovered he would have to change doctors. So he did, fortunately for him and for me ».

Other stories?

«A 70-year-old couple who live in the countryside at my invitation to get vaccinated took me to parnacchie. Doctor, this is rubbish, we don’t get the virus, it’s an influence. Saturday morning the wife calls me frightened shouting that her husband was no longer breathing. I followed them, I immediately ordered the intervention of the Usca. They are fine now. But I no longer like that they have me as a reference ».

What makes you pull out your gloves, as you say?

«Being accused of connivance with Big Pharma. For what reason should I continue to suffer? I only want to take care of people who appreciate, respect and follow my recommendations. It is enough to have to deal with people who treat me like a fish in the face and when they catch Covid they not only pretend to receive assistance immediately but use arrogance. Here, now I’ve told her everything. I want to give a strong signal to the no vax: if you continue like this, your doctor will leave you. Who knows that the wall won’t finally crumble … ».

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