Here comes the new green pass, as the rules on tampons and vaccines change to save Christmas

Here comes the new green pass, as the rules on tampons and vaccines change to save Christmas
Here comes the new green pass, as the rules on tampons and vaccines change to save Christmas

The government reflects on a revision of the green pass in view of Christmas: the duration could be reduced both for those who have been vaccinated and for those who swab.

The priority is to save Christmas, even if no one from the government views him (at least publicly) as really in danger. In reality, the rising contagion curve is of great concern, with the protection of the vaccine against Covid that is lowered due to the passing of time, the third dose campaign for over 40s that has yet to begin and the spectrum of restrictive measures always behind the corner. In short, the government reflects on how to adapt the measures in force to increase the safety of all, starting with the use of the green pass. If on the one hand Palazzo Chigi denies that new restrictive measures are under consideration, on the other, however, there is an ongoing discussion on the rules for obtaining green certification. The secret of Italy in containing the fourth wave, in fact, seems to be the use of the green pass combined with the massive vaccination campaign. Now, however, we need to speed up with the third doses – which according to experts would guarantee everyone the right antibody coverage – and review the green certification based on new scientific evidence.

The green pass after the vaccine will no longer last a year

There is a contradiction – which many have been pointing out in recent days – underpinning the duration of the green pass obtained with the vaccination against Covid: if after six months the protection drops, so much so that you are asked to do the third dose, why does the green certification after the second dose still last a year? The answer is simple: the protection wanes and doesn’t completely wear off after six months. In addition, the experts have indicated the extension of the period of validity after the first two doses from nine months to a year when the third dose was not yet talked about. In the meantime, other information has taken over and – according to Corriere reports – the government would be ready to take a step back and restore the validity of the green pass from one year to nine months. Impossible to reach six months according to the Ministry of Health, because it would mean creating gaps in time without a green pass for those waiting for the third dose (which in any case can be done at least six months after the second).

How does the duration of the pads change to obtain the green pass

There is also another issue that worries experts: the rapid or antigenic swab. There are many doubts about the reliability of the diagnostic test and certainly not born today. But since it seems impossible – at this point – to do without it, the intervention on which the Ministry of Health is reflected is on duration. It is planned to increase the validity period of the green pass obtained with the swab from 72 hours to 48 for molecular and from 48 hours to 24 for rapid. The decision is very delicate, because it basically impacts on those citizens who have chosen not to get vaccinated. It would be another step towards the conviction for those who have not yet started the immunization cycle, but also a tightening to make the checks that are made with the tests more frequent and precise.


green pass rules tampons vaccines change save Christmas

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