No vax searches in sixteen Italian cities – Chronicle

No vax searches in sixteen Italian cities – Chronicle
No vax searches in sixteen Italian cities – Chronicle

The police carried out a series of searches in sixteen Italian cities against No Vax and No Green Pass. These are 17 measures against the most radical members of the Telegram channel “Enough Dictatorship”. Against them are hypothesized, for various reasons, the crimes of instigation to commit a crime with the aggravating circumstance of the use of telematic tools and instigation to disobey the laws.

The social channel “Basta Dictatura” is one of the most important web spaces in the galaxy of Covid 19 deniers. The channel had already been the subject of a judicial seizure order as well as the closure decision by the same company, in consideration of the gravity of the published contents. The operation was carried out following investigations carried out under the direction of the specialized magistrates of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, a terrorism and subversion group. The complex activities that ensued, carried out jointly by the Postal Police and the Digos of Turin, were conducted for several weeks by monitoring the channel 24 hours a day, which has become – underlines a note from the Police – the main pole in the organization of violent protests throughout the territory national.

The 16 cities involved in the operation are: Ancona, Brescia, Cremona, Imperia, Milan, Pesaro Urbino, Pescara, Palermo, Pordenone, Rome, Salerno, Siena, Treviso, Trieste, Turin, Varese. It was carried out by the Turin police with the Postal Police and territorial Digos Departments, with the coordination of the Postal and Communications Police Service and by the Central Directorate of the Prevention Police.


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vax searches sixteen Italian cities Chronicle

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