Atp Finals Turin 2021, the schedule of the races and where to see them. Berrettini retires and Sinner enters

Atp Finals Turin 2021, the schedule of the races and where to see them. Berrettini retires and Sinner enters
Atp Finals Turin 2021, the schedule of the races and where to see them. Berrettini retires and Sinner enters

Atp Finals Turin 2021, the schedule of the races and where to see them. Berrettini retires and Sinner enters

Turin, before detoxification from rackets and balls. The tennis circuit season is longer than any other sport. The only month and a half of hibernation takes place from the second half of November (late) to the end of December. And the ultimate smoothie pre-detox it tastes like an Italian menu to be posted outside the restaurant with all serving dishes unveiled to entice customers. In the same way, just the cover of the Atp Finals, with the eight horsemen of world tennis 2021, is enough to attract support and fans as if there were no tomorrow. Turin is in full swing, of course, but this would also happen if the organizers of the last seasonal ball moved tapes and line judges … to Greenland. But pending this (hopefully as late as possible, with all possible affection for the inhabitants of the Danish island), the tennis capital of the world is at home. And at the foot of the Mole Antonelliana, Djokovic and the other contenders for the end-of-year cup have a great time amidst selfies, smiles and modeling poses. It’s part of the game, because the Finals – at least until the ball starts bouncing – are a bit like the last day of school for athletes. Always. And the atmosphere is exactly that: let’s enjoy every single moment in the name of lightheartedness. Or at least until the amused smiles give way to the tense and drawn faces of the competition. And it is already happening.

The program of the first day of the Turin 2021 ATP Finals:

Sunday 14

Medvedev-Hurkacz 2-1 (6-7 (5) / 6-3 / 6-4)
Zverev-Berrettini (7-6/1-0 ride.)

Today, Monday 15

Djokovic-Ruud (ore 14)
Tsitsipas-Rublev (hour 21)

Where can you see the matches of the Turin 2021 ATP Finals?

Sky is following, as usual, the entire event, broadcasting the live broadcasts of all the matches and proposing various insights (as happened on the occasion of the Next Gen): Sky Sport Tennis (205) and Sky Sport Uno. Rai 2, however, was awarded 3 co-exclusive first evenings (the one already spent on Sunday 14 November, Thursday 18 November and Saturday 20 November), in addition to the final on Sunday 21 November (scheduled for 5 pm. also air some matches of 14.

Who are the eight participants of the Turin ATP Finals?

Let’s start … from the end. A kind of human countdown from Norwegian Casper Ruud leads to Serbian ruler Nole Djokovic. Yes, Ruud, seeded number 8. If there is something below the underdog, or the tennis player who most of all does not start with the underdogs, this is precisely the representative of the Nordic countries. Only his family can cherish hopes of his eventual victory. And he? Not even he, who knows his opponents, can aspire to a better result than the passage of the groups (and that would already be history). He will give his soul (and when will it ever happen again?), Of course, but he will face the best of the best, even if he fully deserved to be there, in Turin. His 2021 was a blast, but to send at least 4-5 of those there off the track, it will take much, much more. Of transcendent.

A little above Ruud, but in any case on a different planet than the rest of the Piedmontese party there is Hubert Hurkacz, Polish cuirassier who exploited the magic moment between the herbivore period and the concrete to leap into the elite of the Race. With the peak of success at Wimbledon in the quarter-finals against King Roger Federer (finding himself in front of his majesty in a physical condition that is anything but regal; at the limit, in the mood … for gifts). Chance for him? If he were to serve as the Ivanisevic of the comeback at Wimbledon – as long as he does not face Djokovic, because in that case it would not even be enough to bomb from a standstill – he would have the possibility of exceeding the group. Nothing more.

Gives Matteo Berrettini up, anything can happen. Provided that Djokovic does not experience days of grace (in this case, warm up the podium and start polishing the cameras, or you who have with foresight snatched a ticket for the grand final, ready to immortalize the Serbian’s speech). Unlike Hurkacz, the blue tennis player has a much wider repertoire. The Italian number one is not just “alive” with blows. On the other hand, the Wimbledon final is not centered only by drilling the London grass: something else is needed. Too bad for the injury that makes him close the season prematurely … and the tournament. Another Italian takes over, Jannik Sinner, first reserve of the ATP Finals 2021.

Andrey Rublev he is like an impromptu artist: if in the day, he can play an equal game with everyone. Too bad that from here to bend the resistance of those four (not surprisingly the very favorites) will need at least two perfect matches (even three, because before the semifinals he will have to win at least one other race in which he starts underdog) to stay in the race.

Stefanos Tsitsipas he is one of the four competing to have already won an edition of the Finals. It was the year 2019 and the pandemic had not yet enveloped the tennis planet (as well as planet Earth) with uncertainties. The Greek held the field with the personality of a predestined and for many it seemed the prelude to the definitive explosion. Let me be clear, not that he has moved back much of his range of action in the world rankings, but he has not moved even half of decisive steps forward.

Also Alexander Zverev raised the last trophy of the year to the sky. Inebriation for a few close friends, especially in the (long, very long, almost eternal) era of the Fab Four. It was 2018 and the Alemannic giant got rid of the immense Nole in two sets. Not cotica, Berrettini would say. Even Zverev, however, limited himself to managing that triumph, seeing every attempt to get on the royal carriage returned to the sender in the years to come. But it is still number 3 in the world. There is worse in life.

The Russian Daniil Medvedev, in addition to being the anti-Djokovic, he is the reigning champion of the Atp Finals. A further success would mark the definitive consecration of the Moscow stocker. However, what a whim goes (and what a whim) has already satisfied him: to remove the aforementioned dominator from the possibility of hitting the Grand Slam, postponing the story for at least a year (perhaps forever). There is an air of revenge, but Medvedev does not want to give up the throne.

And then there is Novak Djokovic. Any single word associated with the Belgrade cyborg would be superfluous. Tedious. For him a bulletin board (maybe two. Shall we make three?) Is full and overflowing. Only his most bitter detractors can emphasize the anti-Grand Slam slip at the US Open and forget about everything else (Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon, just to name any three cups). A bit like saying: “While the man pointed to the moon, the fool looked at his finger”. Well, maybe Djokovic will never realize the dream of poker, but whoever objects to the magnificence of the Serbian, perhaps because he is a fan of those other two “inhuman” giants of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (they would have good reason anyway) must be visited. From a good one, possibly.

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