Robert Kennedy Jr in Milan: not gospel, but dangerous farce

Dear Mr. Severgnini, I take the liberty of writing to you and stealing a little of your precious time because I can’t ignore it, after reading the shameful comment you just published in the “Corriere della Sera” regarding the intervention of the lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. today Saturday 13 November in Milan. You describe Kennedy’s speech as a farce of a “raving” person saying “nonsense”. He cites some extracts from the aforementioned speech, obviously avoiding also reporting all the incontrovertible data of numbers and percentages that Kennedy recalled on the topic of vaccines and pandemics. Easy strategy of discrediting from low-category journalism, to which until a few years ago I thought you did not belong. I remind you, if you may not know, that this gentleman is a top-level lawyer in the United States who has dedicated the last twenty years of his life to studying and fighting the mega pharmaceutical multinationals on the subject of medicines and vaccines, which are harmful to the health of human beings. He certainly knows what he talks about on this issue, you frankly do not think you have the same preparation to discuss the skills. (…) Sees Severgnini, being a “Kennedyan” is not just having a button-down shirt, a cheeky fringe, speaking English and quoting JFK phrases to make a good impression, it would be above all to learn from those great men to have the courage to go against the “system” to defend human beings, even at the cost of losing their lives, not just their salaries. This is what JFK, RFK jr. and also John jr. and this is teaching us Robert jr. (…) Maybe you can read it again calmly and then look in the mirror. Maybe it can help you reflect. Without the estimate of the past, I send you best regards

Francesco Masi

Dear (well …) Mr. Masi, my piece is here, and now I’ll answer you. But first read this interview. Prof Andrea Gori, head of infectious diseases at the Polyclinic, explains: eight out of ten in the hospital are not vaccinated. And the vaccinated, even if elderly, run less risk.

I copy and paste some interesting information:

– “Last year we talked about” waves “: it gave an idea of ​​the quantity of people who arrived in the emergency room at the same time. The situation today is well manageable”
– “Without vaccines, the situation would be that of last year. The fact that today Italy is surrounded by countries in emergency but holds good is only thanks to the extreme effectiveness of vaccination. The State that had the most severe attitude was the ‘Italy, with the green pass: today the world looks at us with envy
– “The prognosis of hospitalized patients is much improved: thanks to antivirals, but above all thanks to monoclonals. If used very early these are able to interrupt the evolution of the disease. The use made of them today in Lombardy, however, is still very low . “
– “There are still 700 thousand unvaccinated Lombards, which constitute a reservoir capable of sustaining a resumption of the epidemic”.

Here’s the reality: not the nonsense that Robert Kennedy Jr shot off the stage, and I reported. Do you know what the truth is? That we vaccinated care about you. And you don’t care about anyone.


Robert Kennedy Milan gospel dangerous farce

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