Covid and Christmas, Hope: “Vaccines and decisive behaviors”

Covid and Christmas, Hope: “Vaccines and decisive behaviors”
Covid and Christmas, Hope: “Vaccines and decisive behaviors”

Vaccine and behaviors, third dose and rules. This is the recipe today to aim for a ‘free’ Christmas. The fourth wave of Covid scares Europe and worries Italy, where infections are rising but hospitalizations and intensive care are currently under control. There are 7,569 new cases of coronavirus registered in our country in the last 24 hours, with a positivity rate of 1.7%. The deaths are 36. Intensive care (+5, in total 458) and ordinary hospitalizations (+50, in total 3.647) are increasing. “It will be a free Christmas“, says Undersecretary of Health Sileri on Domenica In. Later the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza reiterates that at the moment the adoption of new measures is not foreseen. it goes on vaccines and third doses. “We cannot afford to live with businesses that are not fully operational,” said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. “We have the possibility of containing the increase in infections, we must insist on vaccination and respect for individual and social behavior”, says the president of the ISS, Silvio Brusaferro.

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“Also in Italy there is a growth in the contagion that must lead us to raise the level of attention. At this moment we are maintaining the existing rules”, says Speranza at Che tempo che fa. To date, the minister says, no new measures are expected to be adopted in the face of the increase in infections. “At this time we keep the existing rules, there is no doubt that we must monitor the epidemiological picture. The comparison with other countries such as Austria “, which launches the lockdown for the unvaccinated,” cannot hold: Austria has 9 million inhabitants and 13 thousand cases, Italy has 60 million inhabitants and had 8,500 cases. There is a marked difference: we must continue to verify the evolution of the curve, as we have done in recent months, we adapt the measures to the epidemiological curve. We need all vaccinated people to go for the booster after 6 months to raise the level of protection “.

“For several weeks in Europe there has been a phase of worsening of the epidemiological picture, it was expected: in autumn and winter people are very indoors, it is easier to have chances of contagion. The numbers in Italy are lower than to those of other countries that are deciding on robust measures “, he reiterates. “Here too there is a growth in the contagion that must lead us to raise the level of attention. At this stage the precautions are decisive. The real difference lies in the vaccination rate: our numbers are among the best in Europe and worldwide. To date, 86.75% of those over 12 have had the first dose, 84.12% have completed the vaccination course, “he says.

What will Christmas be like? “It depends on us. The Rt index and the incidence that there will be in 10 days are not already decided, they depend on us. The essential factors are the vaccination campaign – the recall is essential – and the correct behavioral modalities we can avoid the restrictions. The contagion rate in a month will depend on our behaviors and vaccinations. The vast majority of Italians in recent months have been extraordinary. My message is this: in the next few weeks a treacherous curve arrives, we cannot think that what happens in Germany, France or Austria does not concern us. We must raise attention, institutions must do it but then there is a decisive role for people. It’s time to use the mask, to be more cautious in spacing and to do the booster “.


“What Christmas will it be? It will be a free Christmas”, says Undersecretary of Health Sileri on Sunday, stressing that “community protection has almost been achieved” thanks to the high vaccination rate. As for the third dose, “it is probable” in the future also for the under 40s. “We are experiencing the fourth wave that is affecting Italy in a less severe form than other European countries. We have a much higher percentage of vaccinated than others. nations and we have the diagnostics, the green pass is obtained with vaccination or with the rapid test that allows you to find submerged infections. The numbers will continue to rise, but the numbers of those who go to hospital and deaths are low. Being positive does not mean being sick, “says Sileri.

“From December the third dose will be available for the over 40s, but the advice is to do it all. It is likely that over time even the under 40s will have to take the third dose. When to do it? There is the option after 6 months, not it means that you have to run after 6 months and one day. If you are younger, you can wait a bit but it has to be done “, he adds. What Christmas awaits us? “A free Christmas”.


“I am worried about the increase in” coronavirus infections in Italy “in view of Christmas, which we cannot afford to live with businesses that are not fully operational”, the words of the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, in his speech at the national congress of Confimprese Italia. “The Green pass – explains the minister – was the only solution we had to avoid having to shut down the economic and commercial activities again. a series of measures that are much stronger than ours “. “We will do whatever it takes to leave the country open,” he added.

“When we make decisions on vaccines and Green it passes a long time earlier it is because we are looking at the comparison of other countries and we understand what the risk is. We cannot even afford the risk of assuming the worst” after losing 8% of GDP to cause of the pandemic, continues the minister.

As for the threats received from Islamic terrorism, “ISIS – he explains – is not proliferating only in the Middle East but a few thousand kilometers from the Italian borders, in the Sahel area but also in North Africa”. impressive what is happening in some countries of the Sahel where governments only have the capital in their hands, everything else is in the hands of Isis “, added Di Maio, underlining that” we do not get worried by a magazine “of the terrorist group .

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