On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of November 15: The Renzian Beast accoladed to the Democratic Party and the anti-Report dossier

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of November 15: The Renzian Beast accoladed to the Democratic Party and the anti-Report dossier
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of November 15: The Renzian Beast accoladed to the Democratic Party and the anti-Report dossier
Affari – “Stand by me”

Ercolani, Renzian singer and the TV empire written with many zeros

There is a double dimension in Simona Ercolani’s career, but it is difficult to match one half with the other. His TV production company Stand By Me has been growing steadily since its foundation in 2010 and has made a name for itself on the Rai and private broadcasters schedules. Even earlier, in 1998, Ercolani was the creator […]

He report

“Frankenpipe” the gas pipeline that terrorizes Pennsylvania

United States and pollution. Other than green politics around Philadelphia, citizens are fighting against the damage caused by the powerful oil giant Sunoco, which exploits their territory to extract and export gas to Europe and China

Gentiloni Story

The armchair is not power: Paolo’s bitter EU “er moviola”

The European career, in the shadow of Berlin and Paris, of the Commissioner for the Economy: now the Stability Pact must be reformed and, with Mario Draghi in Rome, he will not touch the ball

The analysis

Cop 26, the fight for the climate has no warriors up to par

What remains and what is missing from the UN summit

Franco Vittoria

“Dear Letta, six thousand cards in one night and the Democratic Party ends up at auction”

Miracle in Irpinia! In a single night, about six thousand citizens, without knowing anything about each other, decided to support the reform and progressive effort of the party led by Enrico Letta. All together, each with his rechargeable card, under the same full moon, they decided to top up the Democratic Party with their 22 euro bank transfer. […]

Stones & people

Cavallerizza Reale at auction. “Franceschini intervene”

World Heritage Site for sale

The interview

My son, his diaries. Jeff Buckley and Mom Mary’s Memories

It was 1994, Rock Planet in Milan, Jeff Buckley’s live showcase. There are only three journalists including Davide Sapienza who captures the young artist’s thought: “I lived in my vision when I was noticed”. Then a fatal dip in the waters of the Mississippi and the resurrection – over time – of his album […]

The patacca

Nobili and the false dossier to hit “Report”. With real bank details

Spioni – Alitalia-Piaggio

Bad weather

One dead in Cagliari, landslides in the center north

Italy remains in the eye of cyclone Blas. After having engulfed Calabria and Sicily, the disturbance is scourging Liguria, Tuscany, Salento and Sardinia, where an 81-year-old lost his life overwhelmed by a sea of ​​water and mud, while he was in his car in Porto Pino, in the Sulcis. Instead, the missing hunters have all been tracked down […]

Do you know the latest?

News that weighs. Marathon ducks, migrant penguins, confusing no-vax, papal strozzapreti, uncivilized Swiss and defamatory accusations against the new rock idols

On the Stock Exchange

The many (and never clarified) financial interests of a politician

Former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, as EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs – and even more so if he wanted to run for the Quirinale – should guarantee maximum transparency on his financial interests: starting with the whirlwind of share trading implemented when he held political roles in Italy and he could have access, directly or indirectly, to confidential information. […]

Far West

Tourism starts again, but the guides are (still) forgotten

Since 2013 in Italy we are qualified in fits and starts and the profession is open to all of Europe. A reform that never arrived was needed. In its place, chaos, between expensive foreign courses and out of control

And give

Environmental taxes: the Italian anomaly of road transport

According to an IMF study, “polluting” subsidies are worth 6.8% of world GDP, but these do not concern our motorways, where taxes exceed the costs for the community

Forget about politics

Institute for the deaf. Finished funds: workers without salaries for 6 months and users without heating

At the State Deaf Institute (Issr) the workers have been without a salary for six months and this winter they will not even be able to turn on the heaters. It happens in a public body, which boasts over two hundred years of history in the service of deaf people, but which in the last twenty has been forgotten by all successive governments, […]

Other places – Lebanon

The crisis gallops, even the funerals are too expensive

In former Middle Eastern Switzerland, even death can turn into an economic tragedy. Because the death of a relative has become a heavy financial burden for citizens in Lebanon, where according to UN estimates over 55% of the population now lives below the poverty line. The cost of services […]

The interview

“I have the archive of horrors: torture and rape in the cells”

Like in Guantanamo. This is the biggest leak of images and data in the history of FSIN, the Federation’s prison service

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