Milan, a theater: Letta, no pass, Lady Gaga

Saturday was the day of euphoria, to forget the political controversies, the heavy climate that, however, one breathes in Milan. Lady Gaga has arrived for the premiere of her film “House of Gucci”. Fan in delirium, worldliness: it is the sparkling Milan. The presence of a pop star who manages to galvanize the many who want to see her. This Milan so vulnerable, but so vital … And perhaps until next Saturday the slogans shouted by the no pass, the uncritical claims, the anger of a minority that is not yet known by whom it is being guided, but has awakened a world of traders, virologists, opinion leaders, placing themselves at the center of manifestations of false truths. And the echo of the Kennedy heir, their guru, returns with that comparison, I would say blasphemous, between the no pass and Hitler. But this is also a part of Milan, which one would like to do without. But Milan was also the seat of a PD congress presided over by no less than Letta with the usual face of the sufferer but no one knows for what. The party must be united and in agreement, the alliance as extensive as possible, because alone we cannot win. Which, in hindsight, has been and is the policy of Sala: embarking on lists, groups, categories and adding up any votes. It goes without saying that an electoral campaign has already been launched to conquer the Lombardy Region. Majorino is perhaps in charge of organizing protest movements in the square. But yes, let’s think of Lady Gaga and her thanks to the doctors who protected her during the making of the film.

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