Quality of life in the provinces, for ItaliaOggi Cremona rises from 74th to 26th place

The province of Cremona rises from 74th to 26th place in the ranking drawn up by ItaliaOggi in collaboration with the La Sapienza University of Rome and Cattolica Assicurazioni, the annual ranking on the quality of life in the Italian territories. A leap that allows our province to place itself in the upper part (group 1) of the ranking dominated this year by Parma (in 2020 we were in group 3).

The survey analyzes the different sectors that affect the quality of life: business and work, environment, social and personal hardship, education – training – human capital, population, income and wealth, security, health and leisure system.

Among the factors that influenced this year’s results is the way in which the territories have been able to react to the pandemic, explains the research published yesterday by ItaliaOggi and taken up by the Economia insert of Corriere della Sera. The upheavals caused by Covid last year, especially in the north, would then be followed by a phase of resilience characterized by a strong recovery in the provinces of the Center-North, in particular the large urban areas: in fact, at the top of the ranking, after Parma, we find Bologna , Milan Florence, in fourth, fifth and sixth position.

This year’s survey also followed another method: “We realized – explains ItaliaOggi – that the ranking of recent years ended up overweighting an indicator, that of Population (which contains the rankings of population density, emigrants, deaths as a percentage, immigrants, education, live births as a percentage, and average number of family members) compared to all the others and it was therefore decided to resize it by giving it an equal or slightly higher weight to Business and work, Environment, Safety, Health, Leisure and Income “.

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