Sprint on third doses, Hope: ‘Christmas? Everything will depend on behaviors and vaccines’ – World

Sprint on third doses, Hope: ‘Christmas? Everything will depend on behaviors and vaccines’ – World
Sprint on third doses, Hope: ‘Christmas? Everything will depend on behaviors and vaccines’ – World

Infections are on the rise, but hospitalizations and intensive care are currently under control, while third doses of the anti-Covid vaccine have almost reached 3 million. “It will be a free Christmas”, reassures Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, thinking about last year’s ‘red’ holidays. In the same vein, the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio who says he is “worried” about the progress of the virus but underlines the commitment of the Government: “we will do whatever it takes to leave the country open”. And to give confidence to the Executive is also the good performance of the weekend of ‘no green pass’ events, held without tension with the debut of the new rules on the concession of squares launched with the directive of the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese. The debate among scientists on the strengthening of the measures is raging. Immunologist Guido Rasi, consultant to Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo, said he was in favor of adopting more drastic measures, such as the mandatory nature of the vaccine and the exclusion of the possibility of obtaining the green pass through the swab: “thus a 30% of positives escapes “, he warns. Other expert, Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza proposes to remove the green certificate from those who refuse the booster dose.

The Government, for now, is holding back. An evaluation of the possibility of introducing restrictive interventions will be made at the beginning of December, with the updated data on the infection curve and hospitalization trends in hand. The bet is to accelerate on third doses to stem the advance of the fourth wave which in other European countries is doing much more damage by inducing Austria, for example, to have a lockdown for the unvaccinated from tomorrow. In Italy the situation appears to be under control. Intensive care and ordinary hospitalizations are far from the alarm thresholds. But here too the spread of Covid is expanding.

In the evening the words of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in the show ‘Che tempo che fa’ on Rai 3: “In Italy, infections are growing and it is necessary to raise the level of attention”. “86.75% of Italians are vaccinated with the first dose and 84.12% with a full cycle – said the minister – the real difference is vaccinations”. “We keep the existing rules, especially those on international travel, but we must carefully monitor the epidemiological picture.”The choice of Italy at the moment is to accelerate the recall of the anti Covid-19 vaccine“, the Minister of Health said again. Then again: ‘Undoubtedly, those who do not get vaccinated do not help themselves, neither others nor the country, but those who do not get vaccinated and get sick must be treated. “Italian healthcare is universal and in Italy those who are ill are treated and for me this is a non-negotiable principle”.

The 12 months of the Green pass expire from the second dose, so no one has an interval of 12 months from the second dose so far. We will evaluate the indications of the Scientific Technical Committee regarding the duration of the Green pass. Our strong recommendation is to take a risk, then said the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in the broadcast ‘Che tempo che fa’ on Rai 3. ‘If we continue to insist on the recalls for vaccines and on the first doses and correct behaviors we can limit any measures as much as possible: it depends on our behavior and the vaccination campaign ‘. “We do not plan to increase the capacity in the stadiums”, added Speranza in reference to what has been done in some other countries where the stadiums have returned to 100% attendance. ‘My recommendation is to use the mask as much as possible: it is a fundamental tool because the situation in the coming weeks is insidious‘. “The mask is always mandatory indoors and it is also mandatory outdoors when it is not possible to respect the distance of one meter”, he reiterated. “My very strong recommendation, especially in this phase of the virus resurgence, is to use the mask as much as possible because it is a really essential tool to reduce the possibility of being infected”.

“The green pass was the only tool we had to not stop the economy again”, according to the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio. “We are 86% of Italians who have had at least one dose, the other European countries are further behind and for this reason they are now introducing drastic measures”, he added saying, “worried about the infections in view of Christmas”. “We will do whatever it takes to leave the country open,” Di Maio said again. “If the scientific community tells me that we have to take the third dose, we do it, we are ready”, underlined the minister.

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