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Renzi asks for damages to Travaglio for defamation: “We respond to the insinuations with the biggest smile”

The clash between Matteo Renzi and the Fatto Quotidiano continues. And this time it ends up in the prosecutor’s office. “Senator Matteo Renzi has given a mandate to his lawyers to pronounce an action for damages against the Fatto Quotidiano for the defamation contained in today’s edition of the newspaper directed by Marco Travaglio”. This was reported by a note from the press office of Iv.

Il Fatto has been publishing excerpts from the investigation on the Open foundation for days. Today the news of a letter sent by Renzi to the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati with the title: “‘Defend me from the Prosecutors’: this is how Renzi asks for immunity from Casellati”. In the letter of October 7, Renzi allegedly asked the president to “implement all actions to protect the rights of the parliamentarian”, because according to the senator, the magistrates by depositing the wiretapping in which he was also present violated the “constitutional guarantees of the parliamentarian “.

Meanwhile, on Facebook Renzi comments on the last days of attacks and controversies: “Dividing reality from lies and fighting for truth is a full-time but fun job – he wrote – They say that Italia Viva has made an agreement with Salvini and they forget that if there is no government of Papeete, that of full powers, it is thanks to our choice of 2019 “.
“They say that Italia Viva will make an agreement with the grillini and forget that this week the grillini got married with the PD in Europe, not with us – continues the post – we are Renew Europe that is proudly against sovereign populism and populism grillino, as we said last Wednesday in Brussels. And after all, if Draghi took over from Conte in 2021 it is due to our choice to open the crisis in full pandemic “.

“They say that I attack journalists and they forget that there is freedom of information but there is no freedom of defamation – continues Renzi – They say that they are all running away from Italia Viva and they forget that we are full of reservations for Leopolda, with thousands of people who are contributing with ideas, suggestions, financial contributions. They say we had the mud car and they forget that we are the ones who suffered the mud ”.

They say that we will arrive split in the voting for the Quirinale and they forget that they had already prophesied it at the time of the crisis: it did not go like this, right? – concludes Renzi’s post – They say many things. Let them tell. To all the controversies, the attacks, the insinuations we respond with the biggest smile. See you at the Leopolda starting from Friday evening, it will be beautiful ”.
Next Tuesday, after 8pm, the Senate Authorities Council will begin to discuss the request sent by Renzi to President Casellati.

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Renzi asks damages Travaglio defamation respond insinuations biggest smile

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