«Italia viva will never go with Conte, Salvini and Meloni. If there are those who want to be with them, they must say it clearly »- Corriere.it

«Italia viva will never go with Conte, Salvini and Meloni. If there are those who want to be with them, they must say it clearly »- Corriere.it
«Italia viva will never go with Conte, Salvini and Meloni. If there are those who want to be with them, they must say it clearly »- Corriere.it
from Maria Teresa Meli

Boschi: “We will decide on the Hill together with Matteo Renzi”

Mrs Boschi, Italia viva is in the eye of the storm: you, like some observers, do you think they are trying to influence you on the games for the Quirinale?

“No, I don’t think so. Because these games don’t work with us. They noticed it when they tried the same operation to defend Conte. We didn’t stop and today with Draghi Italy is stronger ».

It seems that ten of your MPs are leaving.

«Exactly what happened in January 2021. Only this time Casalino no longer passes the tissues, but some friends of the Democratic Party. To those who say that Iv is in crisis, I suggest they take a tour of the Leopolda from Friday to Sunday. They will find enthusiasm and many plans for the future ».

In Iv, however, there are those who are uncomfortable with relations on the right. Gennaro Migliore, for example.

“I don’t know what discomfort you are referring to. I know that in 2019 we sent Salvini home while the then leadership group of the Democratic Party wanted to give him full powers after Papeete by going to the early elections. We are against the right-wing populists, but also against the Grillini populists who this week closed the agreement with the Democratic Party in Brussels. We are another thing compared to Salvini and Meloni, but also compared to Conte and Di Maio. On this all alive Italy thinks the same way. If anyone wants to go with sovereignists or grillini, tell them. He will not have my consent, but he will have my respect ».

Marcello Dell’Utri would have contacted Renzi to elect Berlusconi to the Quirinale. You have not denied it.
“Should we also deny this? Please! I did not know that Marcello Dell’Utri had become the spokesperson for Italia viva. What we will vote for the Quirinale we will decide all together, with Renzi. But I find it unbelievable that you have to chase gossip. Infections are growing, we need more Europe, we need to support the recovery. Let’s talk about this, not about political fiction ».

You complained about the PD’s lack of solidarity for the Open affair: relations between you are not the best …

“Actually this is not the problem, quite the contrary. I very much appreciated the solidarity given to us by a courageous woman like Irene Tinagli, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party. Whether he did it in his own name or in the name of the party, I don’t know. In the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party everyone knows the truth about the Open affair, this is not the point. Their attitude on the Zan bill divided us: they preferred the wall against the wall and those who paid for it were homosexuals, transsexuals, people with disabilities. The clash is there, between the left waving the flags and the one bringing home the reforms. I put my trust in civil unions in the Chamber and I remember the difficulties of those hours. But we have brought the law to the Gazzetta, not two banners in the square, as the Democratic Party has done ».

Will you go to politics with the Democratic Party, despite the M5S?
“We will never stand with the grillini or with the sovereign right. We will proudly seek the path of liberal democratic reformism. Also for this reason we have opened the Renew Europe shipyard in Italy, based on the Macron model. However, it is very early to discuss the next elections: the M5S will not arrive alive for the appointment ».

You supported the Cartabia reform on justice, but – as the Open affair shows – the news comes out anyway.

«The Cartabia reform does not affect the Open affair. We have the right, after two years of media massacre, to take it to the appropriate places that are the courtrooms, not the pillories on social media or talk shows. I am struck by the superficiality of those who talk about things they do not know: if the current account of a senator of the Republic is acquired or a parliamentarian illegally captured, the problem does not concern that senator, but the respect of constitutional procedures. A chat by Renzi is not at stake, but respect for the Constitution and the law. We are sure we have respected the law, I hope that at the end of this story everyone can say it, even the investigators ».

Does Mario Draghi have to stay at Palazzo Chigi?
“I think it’s early to tell. We will all decide together in January. Now it is essential to help Draghi to do the good of Italy as we have done in 2021 ».

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