“He wrote to me after the episode” – Libero Quotidiano

“He wrote to me after the episode” – Libero Quotidiano
“He wrote to me after the episode” – Libero Quotidiano

Twist on the fight that yesterday had as protagonists Selvaggia Lucarelli and Morgan a Dancing with the Stars. The two first quarreled in the studio due to a samba not appreciated by the juror, then the question and answer continued also on social networks. At first, in fact, the journalist published a photo of Bugo to make fun of Marco Castoldi and his historic theater at the Sanremo 2020 Festival. Subsequently, internal sources told of heavy backstage fights, where Morgan allegedly railed heavily against the juror.

A few hours ago Lucarelli published an exchange of messages with Morgan, who shortly after the fight would have apologized to her: “Wild, I was playing with you tonight, there was no intention of offense or aggression. On the contrary, I thought you were gonna play the game, knowing you can fly high. You misunderstood me, I’m sorry, I had entirely theatrical intentions, in the role play of an impromptu show that we are perfectly capable of getting where we want to go. If you bother, I’m seriously sorry. If you want, let’s talk about it verbally. “

The journalist has decided to respond publicly: “Dear Morgan, I do not act and even more I do not act with scripts and roles decided by you, in a state of poor lucidity“. And again:” As usual there are those who love to sabotage themselves, and while doing so, systematically, they bring out their incurable rancor syndrome of the beneficiary. The people to be made to pay for their failures are inevitably those who have tried the most to advise and support him. “Speaking of the backstage after the episode, however, he wrote:”Behind the scenes he said very serious things, of those that obviously are said only to a woman. I await your apologies, and I await them publicly “.

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