Nada Cella, traces of blood on Annalucia Cecere’s scooter –

Nada Cella, traces of blood on Annalucia Cecere’s scooter –
Nada Cella, traces of blood on Annalucia Cecere’s scooter –

New turning point in the case of the killing of Nada Cella, the young woman massacred in 1996: traces of blood were found under the seat of the suspect’s scooter. Exams start to figure out who it might belong to

There is a new one turning point in the investigation into the killing of Nada Cella, the young secretary massacred at the age of 25 on May 6, 1996 in the office of Marco Soracco, the accountant where he worked, in Chiavari.

According to what was revealed by the XIX century, the investigators have in fact found traces of blood under the saddle of the scooter that was used, at the time of Cella’s death, by Annalucia Cecere
, the former teacher who is now being investigated for the crime. At the moment it is not clear who the traces of blood belong to.

The Public Prosecutor has called a cross-examination for Tuesday 16 November to repeat the examination. In the event of a positive result, blood samples will be taken, which will be entrusted to the geneticist Emiliano Giardina, already involved in the case of Yara Gambirasio.

In recent days, the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office and the investigators of the Flying Squad had released an audio track in which a woman – probably an elderly woman – explained that she had seen Annalucia Cecere at the scene of the crime. She was all dirty, you hear her say, she put everything on the scooter. Authorities released audio to try to track down who called to provide testimony 25 years ago.

Nada Cella’s moped was seized last summer by investigators from the Genoa mobile squad. In recent days it was announced that the Scientific Police would carry out technical analyzes on the scooter, now kept in a self-rescue in Cuneo. The woman allegedly took him from Chiavari to Boves, in the province of Cuneo, where he lives: she kept him in a box.

The killing of Nada Cella took place on the morning of Monday 6 May 1996. It was she herself who opened the door to those who killed her. To call 113 was Soracco, who came down from the upstairs apartment where he lives with his mother. There was an accident, he said. Nada Cella had actually been hit in the head and pubis at least 15 times, with a heavy and sharp object, never found again. He died in the hospital after a brief agony. The investigations were full of errors and – as is emerging – of probable misdirections. The first investigators arrived on the spot granted Soracco’s mother and aunt, worried about the decor of the property, permission to clean the blood stains left by the girl on the balcony and in some parts of the study. The tenants’ telephone conversations were not intercepted for weeks. The case was dismissed in 1998. The accountant and his mother, the only suspects, were cleared.

To reopen the case, 25 years later, it was the passion with which the criminologist Antonella Pesce Delfino studied the papers of the case, prompting the prosecutor of Genoa to register Annalucia Cecere in the register of suspects.

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