Super Cashback, the final act: the bank transfers of 1,500 euros arrive. Who is entitled to refunds

The ranking has been closed for almost six months now and the accounts are winding down for Super Cashback transfers. These are credits of up to 1,500 euros for the first 100,000 who have recorded the most transactions with electronic payments in the first six months of the year. The last ones saw that the Draghi government would no longer intend to resurrect the initiative started with the Conte II government. To confirm this is a message, sent on the IO app, to the lucky ones who, in these hours, have stormed the Facebook groups dedicated to Cashback. The Ministry of Economy confirms that the credit will be made by bank transfer, on the Iban already indicated in the registration phase, by 30 November 2021. Everything as expected. In 2022 the Cashback will not return as Prime Minister Mario Draghi himself has in fact archived it, calling it an unfair and no longer appropriate initiative. For the Italian Prime Minister, in fact, the Cashback would have favored those who already used cards, therefore the richest families, those with medium-high income, residing in large cities, especially in the North. What’s more, the measure would not have reduced tax evasion and would not have increased digital payments either. In other words, the game is not worth the candle. A lot of money, a bonus like others (but not like that of bikes / scooters that has, in practice, pushed the purchase of electric vehicles by changing the face of cities, ed).

OPEN | The message about the IO app

The controversy over the crafty ones

As you will remember, in fact, the Cashback provided that all those who joined the initiative, simply by inserting their cards on the IO app, could benefit, at the end of the six months, of a refund equal to 10 percent of the purchases made (in any case up to a maximum of 150 euro, therefore up to a total expense of 1.500 euro). The Conte government, however, had also provided an incentive, a super premium from 1.500 euro for all those who would have carried out more transactions within six months. In that ranking there are those who have achieved at least 787 transactions valid in the semester January-June 2021. Valid, in fact: many have been canceled following very strict controls to counteract the “Cashback cunning”. These were citizens who, for example, went several times to the gas station or to the supermarket so as to “inflate” the number of digital transactions, later defined as “anomalous, recurring of negligible amounts, carried out in large numbers at the same merchant, the same day and which, therefore, do not appear to be classified as “purchases” of goods or services ».


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