drivers stop, deliveries at risk –

drivers stop, deliveries at risk –
drivers stop, deliveries at risk –
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Filt CGIL announces the general stop of the 12,000 employees of the companies associated with Assoespressi who carry out deliveries on behalf of the e-commerce giant, which replies in a note: “We hope that negotiations can resume”

Deliveries at risk for those who buy products on Amazon during Black Friday. The announcement of the Black Friday strike comes from the national secretary of FILT CGIL, Michele De Rose. Who explains the initiative on social media: “General strike on Friday 26 November, Black Friday, drivers, employees of the companies associated with Assoespressi who deliver on behalf of Amazon ». The occasion was the first unitary national assembly of executives and delegates from the sector of the delivery of goods contracted to Amazon. There are about 12 thousand workers, to whom usually in the period of greatest peak of deliveries, another 3-4 thousand called “natalini” are added.

“The assembly, very well attended, gave full mandate to Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti to proclaim the strike”. At the basis there is the request to lower the workloads and rhythms “which have become unsustainable, and to reduce the weekly working hours of the drivers”. According to Filt, shifts can come up to 200 packages per day, with 130-140 stops to be made in 8-9 hours, based on an algorithm that is constantly updated on the driver’s handheld. De Rose continues: «Giving employment continuity to all staff, on the occasion of contract and contract changes. Liability on drivers in case of damages and deductibles should be reduced e the economic value of the trip must be increased and the performance bonus introduced“. Finally, it is necessary “to guarantee the legislation on privacy, data management and remote control, excluding any repercussions of a disciplinary nature”.

The response from the Italian headquarters of the e-commerce giant was not long in coming. “With regard to the strike declared today by the trade unions, we hope that the negotiations regarding the delivery service providers can resume and come to a positive conclusion“. This was stated by Amazon in a note ahead of the stop proclaimed for Black Friday. “Amazon works with dozens of delivery service providers. Couriers are hired by delivery service providers at level G1 of the CCNL Transport and Logistics with an entry salary of 1,658 euros gross per month for full-time employees, and in addition to 300 euros net per month as a daily allowance “, states the group, specifying that it works” closely with delivery service providers to jointly define realistic goals that do not put pressure on them or their employees “.

Amazon, continues the long note, “makes services available to its suppliers a route planning technology which takes into account various factors, such as traffic, to determine how many deliveries a driver can safely make. Drivers are free to decide whether or not to follow the directions, but based on experience this technology has proved to be an effective route planning tool ». Amazon requires that all delivery service providers «operate in compliance with current regulations», With adequate remuneration and working hours for the drivers. “If it is found that a supplier is not respecting our expectations and is violating the regulations in force, we adopt the remedies provided for in the contract, including the interruption of the contractual relationship”. In these cases, the goal is that the couriers “can still continue their work through the new supplier who will take over to take care of the deliveries.”

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