Fourth generation Echo devices can detect the presence of people

Starting this week the fourth generation speakers Echo ed Echo Dot They can use ultrasound to detect the presence of people and take actions accordingly – a feature that was mentioned during Amazon’s hardware device presentation in September, and is now being made available.

The function, which is based on the emission of small ultrasonic signals, can be activated by means of theapp Alexa where it is also possible to set up specific execution routines when people are present in the environments where the devices are located. For example can set turning lights on and off, or playing music or starting Fire TV.

To find the function you need to go to “Motion detection” in the Alexa app settings for each Echo device that supports it, and from here proceed to its activation. In this way it will no longer be necessary to rely on third-party sensors for motion or presence detection and for the consequent activation of any routines.

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