The RAI license fee leaves the bill in 2023: the request of the European Commission accepted

The request (or rather the “conditio sine qua non”) of the European Commission for separate the RAI fee from the electricity bill: the change will come into force in 2023, so for next year we will continue to pay the fee in the usual 10 installments of 9 euros each “drowned” in the electricity bill.

The separation of the RAI fee from the electricity bill is a condition placed by the European Commission on the Draghi Government in order to obtain the funds provided for by the program Next Generation EU which in turn fall within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: the presence of the fee was in fact considered as an increase in bills and which for this very reason should be eliminated.

The insertion of the RAI fee in the bill occurred in 2015 by the Renzi government with the aim of combating tax evasion. At the same time as the measure, the fee was reduced from € 113.50 to € 90 to be divided into 10 installments.

Nothing changes, so for next year. Two unknowns remain: how the fee will be paid from 2023? And most importantly, how much will it cost? The figure will remain the same in 2022, but the RAI management continues to push for an increase in the share.

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