The virus returns to nursing homes

The virus returns to nursing homes
The virus returns to nursing homes

An operator at IRAS has been infected. 37 infections in Polesine in 24 hours

The contagion curve in Polesine remains high, the virus returns to nursing homes with a case of positivity to the IRAS of Rovigo. In fact, an operator of the facility for the elderly is infected.

The latest bulletin of the Ulss 5 Polesana records 37 new positivity in Polesine (there are a total of 16,470 since the beginning of the epidemic). 29 of these people were already in home isolation. The prevalence in Polesine (total of people who tested positive from the beginning of the epidemic on the total population) is 7.26%. The positivity rate of the last 7 days (new cases found out of the total number of people tested in the period) was 1.08%. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 953,561 rapid tests and swabs have been performed.

Currently they result 22 hospitalized patients in the Polesine facilities for Covid-19, precisely: 10 patients in the Covid Medical Area in Trecenta; 5 patients in the Covid Community Hospital in Trecenta; 3 patients in Covid Intensive Care at Trecenta; 4 patients in Infectious Diseases in Rovigo. 1 operator at IRAS of Rovigo is positive.

46 new healings lead to 15,519 the total number of healed in Polesine since the beginning of the epidemic. There are 405 people currently positive in the province. To date they are 1,054 people placed in home isolation with active surveillance.

From the beginning of the vaccination campaign to the morning of November 13: administered doses 375.831 (185,535 first doses, 174,413 second doses, 11,300 third doses, 4,583 single doses). On November 12, 7 were administered74 doses.


virus returns nursing homes

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