GF Vip 6, surprise for Davide. And Signorini Lulu wand for Manuel

GF Vip 6: the official cast

The GF VIP 6 proceeds between quarrels, love stories (or presumed such) and characters who seem to do everything to be the center of attention. After all, these are the rules of the game: two months after entering the most spied-on house in Italy, Alfonso Signorini’s Vipponi begin to jostle to carve out a place in the final. Although – as confirmed by the conductor live – this will be a record edition with the final scheduled for no less than 14 March 2022. In the meantime (and fortunately) the GF VIP it is also giving us some moments of true feeling and emotion, like the unexpected surprise to Davide Silvestri that made our hearts beat wildly.

Davide Silvestri and the surprise of his girlfriend Alessia

This time we start from the end (or almost). Definitely deserves a place of honor among the highlights of the eighteenth episode of GF VIP 6 an episode that took place almost at the end of the evening. We had already appreciated Davide Silvestri on several occasions, he who always has a measured attitude and who tries to keep the balance between the competitors. Which some, to be honest, perceive as a winning strategy (after all, reality is always a game with prizes).

This time, however, the handsome angel-faced actor received an unexpected surprise, which thrilled him as only he had managed to be a dad with the video-dedication a few episodes ago. At first Alfonso Signorini sent him a box, which contained a foulard (which he likes a lot) of his girlfriend Alessia. Silvestri repeatedly asked to be able to see her at least for a few minutes, but nothing.

Then the twist. A general freeze and here the beautiful Alessia peeps out in the garden, in the presence of all the Vippons. An exciting moment with a Davide Silvestri who could not hold back the tears in the face of the great love of his life. “I want to thank you for showing your values ​​every day and filling my heart with happiness. Outside we continue to follow you and we all love you, ”she said with her heart in her hand. He, in response, made her a statement of those that are only seen in movies: “You are the most beautiful in the world. I really miss you very much, I always think of you. (…) I have to tell you something that is very important to me, that I could not wait to tell you. (…) It is as if it were a promise of marriage: Lilì, I love you so much ! “. And the tear is served.

Signorini wand Lulu for the story with Manuel

The liaison between Lulù Selassiè and Manuel Bortuzzo is now taking on grotesque tones. And probably even Alfonso Signorini himself realized this, to the point of wand live the princess, guilty of having exaggerated with the swimmer. The two young people experienced a constant back and forth and Manuel, who at first seemed to reciprocate Lulu’s sentiment, decided to quit permanently during the week.

Manuel came out really tried by the princess’s insistence, so Signorini wanted to make things clear: “Sometimes it seems that you don’t want to listen: you have fallen in love with a person who, against his will, lives a life he would not want live and leads him to have fights that he would not want. With a person who lives in that situation you have to have the utmost respect, if he says leave me alone you have to do it ”. She got angry, Manuel tried to justify himself, Alfonso increased the dose by talking about “stalking”. A scene that we didn’t really like.

The explosive friendship between Giucas and Cipriani

Emotions, dramas but also moments of pure fun. As the umpteenth that was given to us by “Strange couple” formed by Giucas Casella and Francesca Cipriani, who unexpectedly sewed a beautiful bond within the most spied on house in Italy. Thanks to them the GF VIP 6 has an edge and Signorini, not surprisingly, wanted to dedicate a moment to them during the live broadcast.

Moment that became an opportunity for Cipriani to take revenge on Giucas, who had dared to cut a lock of her hair this week, unleashing the ire of the showgirl. Needless to say, Signorini got her a giant scissors (strictly shocking pink) and in the end it all came true. “What goes around comes around!”thundered Francesca. And poor Giucas has returned to his place with a few less (dyed) hairs.

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