BIG BROTHER VIP 2021, REPORT CARDS 18TH EPISODE / Lulu and Manuel share, Belli flop

BIG BROTHER VIP 2021, REPORT CARDS 18TH EPISODE / Lulu and Manuel share, Belli flop
BIG BROTHER VIP 2021, REPORT CARDS 18TH EPISODE / Lulu and Manuel share, Belli flop

Big Brother Vip 2021 report cards of the eighteenth episode and nomination: Alfonso Signorini rejected

The clash between Lulù Selassiè and Manuel Bortuzzo divide the web. On twitter, users attribute the blame for the incident to both Lulu and Manuel. While recognizing the exaggeration of Selassiè’s attitudes, some believe that Manuel also has his faults and that he should never have reconnected with Lulu knowing his ways and his frailties if he had gone away again. Failed without appeal, however, Alfonso Signorini for the way in which he treated the affair with Lulu. Furthermore, during the evening, the conductor again addressed the topic of the triangle between Soleil Sorge, Alex Belli and Delia Duran. The public totally rejects Alex and his wife, guilty of having expressly asked to enter the house of Big Brother Vip and promotes the strong attitude of the Sorge (update by Stella Dibenedetto).

Big Brother Vip 2021 report cards of the eighteenth episode and nomination: predictable elimination of Nicola Pisu …

It ended the eighteenth episode of the Big Brother Vip 2021 with the elimination of Nicola Piits who left the reality show after trying to clarify his relationship with Miriana Trevisan with whom he openly admitted that he did not want to have a friendship outside. In the last week Nicola opened up with the other competitors of the house, hinting at what he could have done had he not been eliminated (Grade 7). Miriana Trevisan for her part, she believes that she has always behaved honestly towards the boy and that she has expressed her feelings in a clear and respectful way towards Nicola.

The competitor is convinced that there can be nothing between them but a friendship, then she cries for Nicola’s elimination … (Rating6). Sophie codegoni he spent almost the entire episode on the sly, except when Gianmaria is named… after hearing the boy’s name, the young competitor starts on a rampage in reiterating her thoughts on the competitor (Grade 7). Gianmaria Antinolfi tonight he faced his third nomination by demonstrating to all the competitors that he is also much loved by the public, during the last week the boy got closer to Soleil Sorge who knows what surprises this new rapprochement will reveal to us (Grade 7).

Clarissa, Jessica and Lucrezia Selassié inside the house they compete as a single competitor, but Jesisca and Clarissa come penalized by Lulu’s behavior ending up at risk of nomination (Grade 6). Francesca Cipriani during each episode of the Big Brother Vip 2021 he dedicates himself to a curtain with Giucas Casella, shifting the attention for a few minutes from the couples of the house (Rating 7.5). Giucas Casella in each episode, together with Francesca Cipriani, he is the protagonist of comic curtains, but also of moments in which he brings up some key topics such as his home in Cefalù (6.5). Aldo Montano tonight he was out of the spotlight after being the protagonist during the last episode, the Olympic champion during the week, and this episode, he took the defense of his friend Manuel. (Vote 8). Manuel Bortuzzo tonight he was also subdued due to some health problems, the boy, in fact, participated in tonight’s episode with 38.5 of fever due to the stress caused by Lulu and his insistence, tonight he tried to be the most clear as possible with the girl, will the message have been received? (Grade 7).

Soleil Sorge, a new confrontation with Delia Duran at Big Brother Vip 2021

Soleil Rises tonight at Big Brother Vip 2021 He had a new confrontation with Delia Duran who prefers to talk to her instead of her partner Alex, the girl has been able to manage the confrontation with Delia Duran well, despite the fact that she has tried several times to overwhelm her voice. Incredible then the revelation of Duran to be ready as a competitor … (Grade 8). Alex Belli tonight he did not have the opportunity to speak with his partner Delia, despite the fact that he had tried several times to make her understand during the week that he wanted a new confrontation with the woman. (Grade 6). A quiet bet, as always, for Carmen Russo which thanks to its impartiality has secured a place far from the nominations (Grade 6).

Katia Ricciarelli during this episode of the Big Brother Vip 2021 she was pretty quiet except when Alfonso Signorini showed everyone the images of last night when she had an argument with Alex Belli who according to her was disrespectful towards her preferring to talk to other competitors rather than listening to a piece of classical air sung by her (Grade 6). Davide Silvestri tonight he declared himself for the first time to his girlfriend Alessia, kneeling like a real marriage proposal to pronounce the magic phrase: “I love you” (Grade 7). Manila Nazzaro tonight he drew attention to himself only to defend Gianmaria from Sophie’s clutches (Rating 6.5).


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