Contracts and bribes: officials and entrepreneurs arrested NOMI

Contracts and bribes: officials and entrepreneurs arrested NOMI
Contracts and bribes: officials and entrepreneurs arrested NOMI

CATANIA – The Civil Engineers of Catania would have been the scene of a well thought-out system of corruption. The wind of arrests was already blowing last June when the Financiers arrived in via Lago di Nicito to acquire documents and deeds relating to some contracts. A blitz by the military of the Economic-Financial Police Unit which also led to the resignation of the head of the office Natale Zuccarello and of the engineer Saverio Verde in the hands of the director of the Regional Technical Department, Salvatore Lizzio, who then took over the interim management .

Natale Zuccarello and Saverio Verde are two of the six suspects who ended up at the center of the Genius operation, coordinated by the prosecutor Fabio Regolo. The two (now former) managers of the Catania Civil Engineers ended up in prison together with the building contractors Nunzio Adesini and Rocco Mondello. The investigating magistrate of Catania ordered house arrest against Ignazio Carbonaro, another civil engineer officer of Catania. Finally, prohibition to exercise the office of managing director in relation to the Consorzio Artigianale Edile Comiso (CAEC), Sebastiano Caggia. The accusations are – for various reasons – corruption, disturbed freedom of enchantments and forgery in public deed.

At the center of the investigation of the yellow flames some public contracts worth 4 million euros. And precisely the consolidation of road disruptions, caused by landslides, in the area of ​​the Municipality of Aci Catena, the arrangement and modernization of a provincial road in Catania, the recovery works of the port area, also for the purpose of securing for users and workers of the port of Catania.

The engineers Natale Zuccarello and Saverio Verde, and the official Ignazio Carbonaro, in the context of some public works managed by the Catania Genius, “would have favored, upon payment of a sum of money or other benefits, the construction company of Gela Nurovi srl , represented by Nunzio Adesini and Rocco Mondello.

Contract by contract there would have been a precise criminal design discovered by the Guardia di Finanza. For “the works relating to the instability of the roads in the Municipality of Aci Catena, Zuccarello and Verde have drawn up a false report”, declaring an aggravation of the state of instability of the “Vampolieri hill”. This would have led to an increase in the value of the order from “150,000 euros to 260,000 euros”

Instead, in “referring to the works relating to the arrangement of the provincial road 192”, Zuccarello and Verde, with Ignazio Carbonaro, “would have falsified the selection report of the companies that should have participated in the tender for the award of the works”. They would “certify that they have gathered and drawn the participating firms by lot”, but in reality they would have already chosen them.

Zuccarello and Verde would also have found the “trick” to “circumvent the principle of rotation of the companies that could participate in the tender for the award of the works” in order to “favor Nurovi”. The system would have led to entrust the contract to the “Consorzio Artigianale Edile Comiso, represented by Sebastiano Caggia”. By chance, the Nurovi entered Corsorzio – just before the race. Who would then receive the task of the work from the Caec.

For these two orders Adesini and Mondello would have handed over 5,000 euros to the engineer Zuccarello. And they would have promised another 25,000 euros to the same suspect and 5,000 euros to Verde.

The investigations, then, led the Finance to the Port of Catania. The contract that ended in the order of the investigating judge is that of the “refurbishment works of the Etna port awarded in 2018”. Natale Zuccarello “allegedly received a bribe from Adesini – not yet precisely calculated -” in order to favor, as happened later, the awarding of the works to Nurovi “.

The investigation, last June, when news of the searches and seizures of sums of money were leaked, led to various political and trade union reactions. The finger was pointed at the Musumeci government which had entrusted a strategic assignment to Zuccarello precisely in terms of public works.

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