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infections and most affected bands

infections and most affected bands
infections and most affected bands

Coronavirus infections in Italy are increasing but no region should pass into the yellow zone. The data from the latest monitoring of the control room on the trend of Covid-19 give Friuli Venezia Giulia a high probability of progression towards a high risk, Calabria the only low-risk region and all the other regions and autonomous provinces are classified as moderate risk.

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The circulation of the virus has grown among the under 12s and cases are increasing between 30-49 years, explained the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro. Yesterday in our country 8,516 new infections and another 68 deaths were recorded, bringing the total number of victims since the beginning of the emergency to 132,686.

MONITORING – According to the data reported in the monitoring of the Covid-19 epidemiological trend of the control room, communicated by the Higher Institute of Health, the weekly incidence of Covid-19 cases, at national level, continues to increase, reaching 78 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the period 5-11 November, compared to the previous week in which it was 53 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, according to flow data from the Ministry of Health.

The average Rt index calculated on symptomatic cases of Covid-19 also continues to rise in Italy, standing at 1.21 (with a range between 1.08 and 1.31) in the period 20 October-2 November, increasing compared to the previous week and stably above the epidemic threshold.

In Italy, the employment rate by Covid-19 patients in intensive care is 4.4% according to the daily survey by the Ministry of Health on 11 November, up from 4.0% recorded a week earlier, on 4 November. November. Employment of medical departments also rose, reaching 6.1% (daily survey on 11 November) compared to 5.3% on 28 October.

CONTAGIONS INCREASING IN ALL REGIONS – “In all regions there is an increase in the circulation of the virus and this translates into an increase in cases” said the president of the ISS, Silvio Brusaferro.

“The European map, again this week, shows a Europe divided in two and the parts bordering the eastern area are more in red. The circulation of the virus is increasing – he added – The curves show us how cases in our country too they are growing, but more contained than in other countries. In Europe, circulation is clearly increasing “.

AGE RANGES – Brusaferro explained that “in the last 7 days a growth in cases is concentrated in the intermediate age groups, 30-39 years and 40-49 years, who then have the most significant share of the unvaccinated population, and among young people where vaccination is not yet recommended. “

UNDER 12 – “The analysis of pediatric cases of Sars-CoV-2 infection shows us how, substantially, even in this age group there is an increased circulation of the virus, particularly in the population under 12 years old – said the president of the ‘Higher Institute of Health – Even from the point of view of the impact of hospitalizations, although with limited numbers, we are talking about one, two or three people, there is a slight movement that indicates the increased circulation in this population “.

THIRD DOSE – As for vaccines, “vaccination efficacy remains very high for hospitalizations, admissions to therapy and for deaths, it exceeds 90%, while for diagnosis, especially for the more central age groups it is a little lower. it lowers significantly starting from the sixth month. For this reason it is important to adhere, as the six months pass, to the third dose according to the modalities recommended by the ministry “. “There are millions of citizens – he recalled – who have not even taken a dose, and it is extremely important that they start the cycle”. The anti-Covid vaccination campaign is essentially “stable”, but “third doses are increasing”. In particular, for the boosters, “those over 80 have reached 30.4%. And for this age group it is important to achieve and maintain high immune coverage through the third dose” he stressed.

VACCINATION CAMPAIGN – “Covering both the most fragile and the least fragile people who can transmit the infection with anti-Covid vaccination and a recall is particularly important – said the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza yesterday – Doing it immediately there it can avoid the peak of cases that would otherwise force us to take burdensome measures “. The experience of other countries, where the situation is more critical, suggests that “either we intervene early with the vaccination campaign or we take particularly burdensome measures. And I believe that by now – he warned – the population and the economy, even that of individuals, not only the ‘macro-economy’, these measures would not stand them “.

YELLOW AREA – “We cannot rule out a further increase in cases in the coming weeks – said Rezza – but this may not be accompanied by an increase in cases in intensive care, thanks to the effect of vaccines and the measures taken. But if the incidence, some white regions could turn yellow: it is now impossible to say when there will be the peak of cases “.

CHRISTMAS – New pandemic peak at Christmas? “Right now it’s hard to make predictions, unless you have the glass ball.” We cannot “know what the trend will be in the next few weeks, because behavior could change. There could be, for example, a rush to get vaccinated, while now there is a bit of stasis. And therefore it is difficult to make these predictions” he said. concluded.

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