Ten years ago they shot it down. Now history confirms Cav

Ten years ago they shot it down. Now history confirms Cav
Ten years ago they shot it down. Now history confirms Cav

I was also in Parliament that day when the last Berlusconi government fell. The atmosphere was very heavy. The spread was rising like a fever and the newspapers, enemies of the government, swore it was all the premier’s fault. When a last member of Forza Italia stood up to say that she was leaving the party, it was evident that the majority was being eroded by termites. A few minutes later the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced that he would go to the head of state, who was all too well aware of what was happening. Arrive and thank you, come forward the distinguished professor and as a precaution – life senator Mario Monti.

A loden that crossed the television screens and symbolized Italy dressed in an alpine way. It was not a technical government, but the first experiment of many borderless games that we would see in the large constitutional courtyard. We know the rest: Italy is the only liberal democracy in which a prime minister who expresses the popular vote has not governed for ten years. It will be said that Renzi too had been kissed by the Great Wandering Consensus which acts according to undefined rules and moods. But he had not been elected to the Italian Parliament.

All this is well known, as are the circumstances used to oust the most popular leader from the Palaces of representative democracy. So, let’s try to see what has happened so far and evaluate the difference between the before and the after.

What have these ten years been and what is the final effect? Let’s start with the Fiscal Compact, which was a specter for illiberals, but which today no one dares to contest. The European People’s Party from which acid comments on the Italian premier had come out, today considers him one of the noble fathers, a figure of absolute respect who would figure very well as Mattarella’s successor to represent the Italy ruled by Draghi at the highest level. As for the judiciary, the facts speak for themselves. Let’s leave aside for a moment the ferocious judicial fury unleashed against the founder of Forza Italia (who was the refuge raft of the voters of the central parties swept away by the Mani Pulite operation) which has ruined political life not only for him but also for all the millions of Italians who found themselves without their representative, as well as massacred in public and in private.

But beyond the authentic martyrdom inflicted on the citizen Berlusconi Silvio, Italian businessman and politician several times president of the Council, the whole country and then all of Europe and also the rest of the civil world, he realized that the Italian judicial system he is intoxicated by political and even personal or gang uses.

Certainly not from the Circle of the Immaculate. Just think of the case of Matteo Renzi who saw his elderly parents persecuted, as well as himself according to how he moved or moves politically with an amazing coincidence of the times. We have seen open cases in many political areas where an underwriting notice, indictment, a carefully reported rumor by special court reporters, could sink, as when playing naval battle: “Underwriting notice in E4”, hit. «Warranty notice in E5», hit and sunk.

The decade “without Berlusconi” made it clear: the great liberal reform laws that the Forza Italia leader advocated for both citizens who live off the wealth produced by others, and for entrepreneurs who produce that wealth, were the only ones in able to mark a way towards the future. It could be said with a joke that ten years without Berlusconi have produced the Draghi government which Berlusconi chose to chair the European Bank because the premier who appears irresistibly dynamic, decision-making, strong because he has Europe behind him, is the counterweight. necessary and almost physical to everything that has been missing or failed in these ten years.

Post-Berlusconi Europe did not take long to understand that the Knight was not the problem but, if anything, the solution and that all the tangle of usurpating powers, administrative deficiencies, judicial abusiveness capable of deviating and devastating the Constitution, had to be stopped.

The populist drift of right and left that ended up pairing was another consequence of the dry “ten years” of liberalism. Europe decided that it would be worth making up for lost time by offering this often too cunning, hypocritical and decadent country, but full of magnificent potential, the opportunity – now or never again to shake off all those factors, and power groups, which coincide with the key moments of the suffocating conspiracy. A lot of money in exchange for a new virtuosity. Obligation to reform starting from the judiciary and the tax authorities. Freedom and liberalism. All that constituted the patrimony of the man expelled ten years ago and which nevertheless remained the last man standing ready to defend the values ​​for which he was persecuted, as everyone admits today.

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