Infinite bad weather over Italy, weekend and week forecasts

Infinite bad weather over Italy, weekend and week forecasts
Infinite bad weather over Italy, weekend and week forecasts

Bad weather does not give Italy respite even on the weekend of 13-14 November and in the upcoming week. This is the verdict of the latest update elaborated by the Official APP de for next week, destined to be even worse, at least in the initial phase.

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A constant and obstinate cyclonic circulation, located just west of our country, will continue to cause highly unstable weather conditions and at times even disturbed during the upcoming weekend.

In the meantime, let’s try to understand which areas will be most in danger between Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November.

Only during the morning of today the meteorological picture will not be all in all so strongly compromised. However, the great protagonists will be the fog in the North and on some regions of the Center and some rain not to be excluded in Liguria and on the coasts of Tuscany, as well as on some stretches of the Ionian area.

However, the situation will worsen in the afternoon when clouds, rains and some showers hit the north in a widespread manner, especially Lombardy, western Emilia, Liguria and, to go down, Tuscany. Some rain showers may also affect Campania, Puglia and Basilicata.

Between the evening and the night the context will be further compromised in the North and on Tuscany, a prelude to a second part of the weekend that will be truly turbulent.

The one of Sunday 14 it will be a bad day not only for the North, but also for the Tyrrhenian regions, in particular for Tuscany, for the Lazio coasts and for Campania: in these areas the effects of a new cyclone will be felt that will swoop straight down on Italy, due to which we expect heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms. Other precipitations will then hit Sardinia and Umbria, especially in the afternoon.

At the same time, by evening, we will witness a further intensification of the phenomena in the Northwest where we expect strong thunderstorms and local storms for much of the following night.

But the start of next week will be even worse. A series of eddies of bad weather is in fact destined to hit Italy.

Everything will open in the sign of severe bad weather in the far south due to the rise of a cyclone on the Ionian Sea already from the first hours of Monday 15 November. Although very fast, this vortex will be able to trigger intense rainfall on Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, Molise and Abruzzo and unfortunately we cannot exclude once again the risk of storms and alluvial phenomena that could be caused by the persistence of rainfall in the same areas. .

Very unstable weather also on Sardinia, Liguria and Piedmont, where there will be showers, as well as snow on the western Alps over 1400 meters of altitude.

Gives Tuesday 16 A new disturbed phase will open: an insidious cyclone (the main depression center active on the Mediterranean), fed by unstable currents, will in fact deepen further on the Tyrrhenian Sea: bad weather could affect all the regions of the Northeast at that juncture (up to eastern Lombardy ), of the Center-South and the two major islands, reiterating at least until the day of Thursday 18 November.

Most at risk will be the Tyrrhenian sectors where heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected accompanied by strong gusts of wind from the southern quadrants. Sunnier only in the Northwest, except for some light snowfall on the Alpine border, up to very low altitudes.

When will all this end? Only from Friday 19 the high pressure will try to regain the lost space by spreading out over the Mediterranean basin. Will he be able to last this time giving us some respite from bad weather?

The trend for the end of November could hold many surprises …

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