” We were in bed in the evening and … ”

” We were in bed in the evening and … ”
” We were in bed in the evening and … ”

Lulù Selassié desperate for the new removal of Manuel Bortuzzo, who reiterates that he does not see a future for them outside the Gf Vip.

A large black cloud comes back to crash down Lulu Selassié e Manuel Bortuzzo. The two competitors of the Big Brother Vip they are living a troubled history, made up of sudden distances, tears and romantic moments. It is clear that the Ethiopian princess is decidedly more involved in the relationship, but this does not mean that she is immune to suffering in front of yet another Manuel’s refusal. Here’s what happened in the last few hours between the two gieffini.

Big Brother Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo goes away: Lulù Selassié in crisis

Manuel Bortuzzo is confused about the relationship with Lulu Selassié. The sportsman embarked on the acquaintance of the Ethiopian princess in the house of Big Brother Vip, only to retrace his steps when he saw that Lulu he began to get too attached and to believe in this love story. Between one afterthought and another, Manuel got closer to Lulu accepting cuddles and kisses, until the next collapse that arose after the last episode of Canale5 reality show, When la Selassié listened to the letter from the gieffino’s mother.

Bortuzzo he asked for time, he reiterated that he does not feel the same feelings as the princess but she does not give up and seeks a decisive confrontation. “How many times, when we were in bed in the evening, do I have to tell you a thousand times that I say goodnight, then two, then three and in the end we always laugh at it”he blurted out Manuel trying to make a Lulu to be oppressed by his attentions. There Selassié tried to laugh it off, only to burst in tears understanding the fact that Bortuzzo he just doesn’t want all this attention from him, just as he doesn’t know if after GF VIP there will be a future for them.

After talking for a long time with Manuel, Lulu she rushed to be consoled by her adventure companions, who advised her to leave space for the sportsman, respecting her bad moments and not always reconnecting everything to their relationship. Carmen Russo, in particular, he pointed out to the princess that Bortuzzo it needs to be listened to, as well as the need for solitude.

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