“Big Brother Vip”, to leave the House is Nicola

The showdown
Alfonso Signorini immediately introduces the highly anticipated guest: he is in the studio Delia Duran, which says: “This story made me lose 4 kilos”. The woman wants to have a face to face confrontation with Soleil Rises who in recent days has spoken a lot about her with very harsh words.

Then he connects with the House and introduces the first hot topic of the evening, the relationship between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge and … Gianmaria Antinolfi, showing a summary clip.
After the separation between Soleil and Alex, the showgirl has reconnected with Gianmaria and this does not go down to Alex, who in the meantime seems to have reconnected to Sophie codegoni. In short, a real chaos.
Signorini, however, shows another clip from which it seems clear that between Alex and Soleil there is still something more than a simple friendship.
In all this Gianmaria says he is happy to have found friendship with Soleil.
Alex says that about Soleil she loves her charm and her magnetism as a strong and determined woman. She who loves his colors about him.
All the celebrities and commentators in the studio agree on promoting the couple Soleil Alex.
Signorini goes back to Delia’s studio and asks her what she thinks. She replies like this: “Alex has fallen into Soleil’s trap”.
“Are you ready to face Soleil?” The host asks her: “Yes, absolutely yes”, she replies.

The first results of televoting
The three nominees, Nicola, Miriana and Gianmaria are called in the Super Led for having the response of the televoting: the public has decided that Miriana is safe.

A couple that works
Giucas Casella and Francesca Cipriani they are called in the Super Led and Signorini shows a clip about their hilarious relationship. Then he asks Giucas to leave Francesca alone so that she opens a box containing a pair of scissors and asks her to be a “killer doll” and to pretend she wants to cut some locks of Giucas hair.

Another hot couple and … broke out
Soleil is invited by Signorini to temporarily leave the house. in the meantime Manuel goes to the Confessional to deal with the complicated relationship with Lulu, which leaves no room for him and has become almost a stalker. “I spent months making people understand what for me is a necessity, but he didn’t, he didn’t really take it into consideration. In words he says he understands then he shows me something else”, says Bortuzzo, who exploded this week against Lulu using very strong words: “Holy shit, you’ve been following me all day and I ask you to leave me alone”. Signorini points out that Manuel has a physical need for space for himself, useful for his rehabilitation.

Delia vs Soleil
Soleil enters the studio but doesn’t know he has to meet Delia. Signorini makes live i extension of the GFVip until March and then announces the meeting between Delia and Soleil. “You’re a dead cat with a split personality,” Delia tells Soleil. The fashion blogger, despite understanding Delia’s point of view, expects an apology.

“Are you a lioness? I am a panther. It was you who provoked my husband, you are a friend you reject him if he goes further. Put yourself in my shoes how would you react? He also has his faults, but you have him worried “attacks Delia.
“A couple of years ago I would have attacked you like a lioness, but instead I try once again to help a friend and tell you that Alex did nothing. If I were a wife I would be ashamed to make a scene like yours. You’re worse than one. Latin American telenovela “, replies Soleil, who reproaches her for not being able to defend either her husband or marriage and continues to reiterate that between her and Alex there is only a great friendship.

“I don’t question marriage, what bothers me about you is that you don’t show who you really are” adds Delia. “If I hadn’t come to stop you what would you have done?” continues convinced that Soleil is in love with Alex. “She is the manipulator, she knows how to play very well (…) I’m sorry for him who has fallen into his trap”. But then he points out that Soleil is a very beautiful woman.

And when asked if she wants to meet Alex she replies no: “I want to leave my husband free to reflect”, continuing to reiterate the concept that a man is provoked by a woman, and attracting the disappointment of the commentators who consider this a medieval reasoning.

When Soleil returns to the house he talks to Alex: “The Delia you tell me about so much I have never seen, it wasn’t nice at all. I was expecting a woman who would understand and instead she was full stop. Alex tries to justify the wife: “The last part he said is the Delia I know. If I say there is nothing, that’s enough “.
Delia, on the other hand, continues on her way from the studio. “I was convinced that there was a true friendship, then seeing the behavior of the last few weeks some doubts arise. I believe in friendship but Alex went further. If I did the same things he does inside the house, how would he react? “.

Meanwhile, Signorini points out to Alex that his behavior towards Soleil is not the same with other women and Belli replies: “We are both taken, we have never hidden it and in all this there is nothing wrong with it. that goes beyond friendship “.

Lulu’s position
Signorini shows a clip of the quarrel between Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Selassiè and reproaches her: “Sometimes it seems that you do not want to listen: you have fallen in love with a person who, against his will, lives a life that he does not want to live and leads him to have fights that he does not want. With a person who lives in that situation you have to have the utmost respect, if he says leave me alone you have to do it “.
Lulu insists and says that being together 24 hours a day makes everything more difficult: “I didn’t get away as he wanted, because I was afraid that he was going too far away from me, it was my mistake”, but Signorini reiterates: “This Lulu it’s his life you can’t expect it to be different. For a moment forget about the wheelchair even if it is impossible to do so, but if the opposite had happened, if there had been a girl chased by a man we would all have talked about stalker. I’m hard on you and I want to be hard for your good: if a person has a fever of 39 and gets stuffed with medicine and asks you to leave him alone, you can’t stay there if you love them “.
From the studio the Bruganelli asks Montano to stay closer to Lulu. The Fox instead he advises Lulu to protect himself because he lives a one-way relationship.

Nicola and Miriana
Another couple who lived a busy week is that made up of Miriana and Nicola, both on televoting because they nominated each other. Signorini shows a clip that summarizes their contrasts. The two confront each other but do not come to any conclusions. And if Nicola, once outside the house, imagines himself next to Miriana, it is not the same for her. Their couple falters more and more.

Signorini then calls Manuel and Nicola in the LED room and shows a clip in which Manuel makes a touching speech on the “last” to Nicola, encouraging him to value his strengths and to believe in himself.

Who comes out of the house?
Signorini reads the verdict of televoting: to leave the House definitively Nicola.
Asked by Signorini Miriana says she is sad and hopes that Nicola has “the return ticket …”

Signorini dedicates a clip to Davide, who talks about his girlfriend Alessia, with whom he has been together for almost a year and with whom he is very much in love. For him there is a gift in a box, a scarf with his perfume. And then his Alessia appears in the garden. Davide kneels and says to her: “I love you so much and it’s almost a marriage proposal”.

Nominations and secret votes
The immune, according to the secret votes of the VIPs, are: Manuel, Aldo, Giucas, Alex and Miriana. Sonia and Adriana instead vote for Gianmaria’s immunity.
In the clear nominations Soleil appoints Sophie, Katia appoints her too, the Selassiè sisters choose Manila, Carmen appoints Sophie, also nominated by Manila, Sophie votes Soleil, Francesca appoints Davide who appoints the Selassiè with Lulu in the lead.
In the secret nominations in the Confessional, Manuel chooses the Selassiè, Aldo appoints Soleil, Alex votes the Selassiè, Miriana votes Soleil, Gianmaria chooses Sophie and finally Giucas appoints Davide.
The nominees of this episode are Sophie, le Selassiè and Soleil.

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