Superbonus and home bonuses, jobs blocked with the anti-fraud decree-

Superbonus and home bonuses, jobs blocked with the anti-fraud decree-
Superbonus and home bonuses, jobs blocked with the anti-fraud decree-

A temporary stop to the platform to communicate to the tax authorities the use of the credit transfer and the discount on the invoice if they are used for building renovations (home bonus). This was announced by the Revenue Agency. The reason? The rules have changed, because the anti-fraud decree has come into force. Following the entry into force of the decree introducing measures to combat fraud in the Superbonus – we read in the note from the Agency directed by Ernesto Maria Ruffini – the transmission of option communications (credit transfer and invoice discount), relating to deductions for construction works, not currently available, as extraordinary maintenance works are underway to adapt to the new regulatory provisions. The reopening of the channel will be promptly communicated. It will likely take a few days.

The compliance visa

The decree introduced urgent measures to combat fraud in the sector of tax and economic concessions and changed the discipline of the 110% Superbonus and other building bonuses to avoid fraud relating to deductions and transfers of credits and discounts on invoices. The compliance visa obligation is extended, now envisaged for the transfer of credit or the discount on the invoice, even in the event that the Superbonus is used by the beneficiary as a deduction in your tax return, except in cases where the declaration itself is presented directly by the taxpayer or through the withholding agent who provides tax assistance.

The checks are triggered

Furthermore, the decree in article 2 (Measures to combat fraud in the field of credit assignments. Strengthening of preventive controls) provides that the Revenue Agency can block the disbursement of credit for 30 days in case it suspects that the costs of the works and the related credit assignment are too high. In fact, the decree includes a mechanism on the model of the price list to avoid excessive increases in the work. One year after the start of the credit transfer mechanism and invoice discounts for building bonuses, the taxman discovered fraud for 800 million euros of non-existent credits.

Certification to be uploaded

And we come to the reason for the temporary interruption of the platform. Compared to before, as regards the assignment of credit and the discount on the invoice, the requirements to be met in order to take advantage of the tax concessions in the event of a home renovation bonus have increased. Already with the previous rules to transfer the Superbonus credit it was and necessary that there iscertification of the costs of a licensed professional, but this obligation has now extended to transfers for all other bonuses. Therefore the Revenue Agency is taking steps to adapt the platform so that the document of the certification can also be documented.

M5S: Now corrective

The 5 Star Movement, which was against the anti-fraud decree, is asking for corrections to the text. It was better to accept the proposal of Minister Stefano Patuanelli at the latest Cdm, transforming the decree with the anti-fraud squeeze for the Superbonus and other building bonuses into an amendment to the tax decree, to have more time to evaluate its impact and avoid problems that we are seeing in these hours, M5S sources said, underlining that corrective actions are now necessary to prevent the work in progress and those that were about to start from blocking.


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