Amazon Echo 4 now costs very little: smart home for everyone

Amazon Echo of fourth generation is the latest smart speaker from Amazon and represents the ideal gateway into the world of the smart home controlled by Alexa: offers good quality audio to listen to music in streaming and through it it is also possible to control other smart devices in the house.

Among the things it can do, for example, is that (very comfortable) to play the same music on all connected speakers we have in the house. That’s enough to say “Alexa, put music all over the place“and all the speakers in the house will start playing the same song, in unison. The individual smart devices, among other things, are tracked directly by the smart speaker and this greatly simplifies installation initialization of devices in the smart home. It is therefore clear why Amazon offers the fourth generation Echo as ideal hub for the smart home with Alexa, and it is also quite understandable that the price of this smart speaker is not very low: 99.99 euros. Now, however, in view of Black Friday on November 26, the fourth generation Amazon Echo is already in huge discount.

Amazon Echo 4: technical characteristics

From the hardware point of view Amazon Echo 4 stands exactly in the middle between the fourth generation Amazon Echo Dot and the latest Amazon Echo Studio. Echo Dot is the access device, the cheapest of the range, Echo Studio is dedicated to those looking for the highest audio quality and Echo 4 is the classic good device for everyone.

The music actually feels pretty good, thanks to the 76mm woofer, for the bass, and the two 20mm tweeter, for the mids and highs. The speaker is also equipped with AUX audio input and output and is compatible with Dolby Audio (Echo Studio also with Dolby Atmos).

In addition to voice commands, Echo 4 can also be managed with i physical buttons on its top: Action button (to send a command, with microphones off), volume up / down and microphone on / off.

Amazon Echo 4: the offer

As already mentioned, the list price of the fourth generation Amazon Echo is 99.99 euros. With the Black Friday anticipato currently underway on Amazon, however, the price drops a lot and now costs 59.99 euros (-40 euros, -40%). At such a price, the smart home is for everyone.

Amazon Echo 4 – Smart Speaker con Alexa e Dolby Audio

P.S. Amazon Echo 4 is even better to use if we have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, which allows us to listen to 70 million songs. At the moment there is an offer to be taken on the fly: Amazon Music Unlimited is free for 3 months (from the fourth month it costs 9.99 euros per month, canceled at any time)

Join Amazon Music Unlimited today and listen to free music for 3 months

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