“Il Fatto is my annuity”

“Il Fatto is my annuity”
“Il Fatto is my annuity”

Clash between Matteo Renzi and Marco Travaglio at ‘Otto e mezzo’ on La7. “I’m here to tell the truth of the facts. This email was sent by Rondolino as a school hypothesis, which obviously no one has given course to”, says Renzi referring to an email received from Fabrizio Rondolino in 2017 with a strategy to be implemented to stem the M5S. Strategy that, Renzi specifies, has never been concretely taken into consideration. “To destroy the Five Star Movement it was enough to make them govern … To destroy Il Fatto Quotidiano, the offender Marco Travaglio is enough, because he is a serial defamer, is a European champion of defamation … Il Fatto Quotidiano is the annuity for me and my family … I did not reply by email, but I said no to Rondolino’s proposal because we are different from Fatto Quotidiano “, says the former premier (video).

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Travaglio, director of Fatto Quotidiano, replies: “I got a fine of one thousand euros for saying my opinion. Renzi confuses opinion crimes, which are an accident of the profession for a journalist, with business crimes that concern him …“.

For Renzi “the truth is that in Travaglio he gnaws at him because I sent Conte home … That’s why there is this hate campaign against me … “.

Then, speaking of the investigation into the Open Foundation, the leader of Italia Viva says: “What happened was a state hack. They took the cell phones of hundreds of people. They illegally took my bank account and spilled it on the front page … ”.

“I can make an ad hoc broadcast on political ethics – underlines Renzi – True honesty is bringing home the results. What I get will be said by citizens and not by polls … With 2% we stopped Salvini from Papeete and sent home Conte and brought Draghi “.

“All my votes are public, I challenge you to say that my vote in the Senate is in conflict of interest … – he remarks again – My position on the concessions is that the Conte government, by announcing the revocation, has done Benettons a favor . Therefore, Conte’s accusations against me are strongly damaging to my dignity as well as to reality “.

Then, on his activity as a lecturer: “In 2018 I came from the experience of head of government, and I was accused by the media of stealing money on plastic bags. So I said on television that those who come from a government experience he cannot get rich. Another matter is for a senator, I take money for the activity of lecturer and pay taxes regularly in Italy “.

At the end of the episode, conducted by Lilli Gruber, also present as guests Travaglio and Massimo Giannini, Renzi’s tweet: “At ‘Otto e Mezzo’ they were three against one. But I enjoyed it because they certainly don’t scare me. already tried at the time of the crisis Conte Draghi. Blow by blow it counteracts everything. And the truth comes out.

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