World Cup Qualifiers, Italy-Switzerland 1-1: Di Lorenzo avoids worse troubles for Mancini | News

World Cup Qualifiers, Italy-Switzerland 1-1: Di Lorenzo avoids worse troubles for Mancini | News
World Cup Qualifiers, Italy-Switzerland 1-1: Di Lorenzo avoids worse troubles for Mancini | News

Elvetivi ahead with Widmer and joined by the Napoli full-back. At 90 ‘Jorginho missed a penalty

L’Italy did not go beyond1-1 against Switzerland in the qualifiers al World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The Azzurri, paired with the Swiss at the top of Group C, found themselves below in the score for the winning right at 11 ‘ Widmer. After half an hour of difficulty, the tie came with Di Lorenzo. Jorginho missed a penalty in the 90th minute. To avoid the playoff the National must win in N. Ireland with an eye to goal difference.


Football is a cruel sport, but that the happy face of the Italian summer – that of Jorginho – in just a few games he has become the one full of fears and ghosts of the past of the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar few would have expected it. The 1-1 in Rome between Italy and Switzerland complicates the plans of Mancini whose fate is no longer completely in their own hands to avoid the play-off as in 2017. As in Basel in September, on the tie there is once again the bloody autograph of the Chelsea director who has missed a penalty kicking him high, this time to the ninetieth. Two mistakes, combined with the one in Switzerland where Sommer saved him, costing Italy four points.

One detail – albeit as fundamental as a missed penalty shot – cannot, however, fully describe the progress of the 1-1 draw at the Olimpico. A complicated and blocked game as expected, but made even more difficult by the drumming start of Yakin’s Switzerland who, more carefree, found the right spaces especially on the left wing to put Mancini’s national team in difficulty, more contracted and tense than the usual. At 11 ‘the gallop on the Okafor band at the restart led to the right action for the advantage of Switzerland arrived with the tow of the former Udinese Widmer, good at coordinating and beating Donnarumma from the edge. With the balance broken, Italy skidded dangerously and Switzerland – always in speed and with the three-quarters good at various – tried to take advantage of it with Shaqiri and Okafor, without succeeding.

The blue alarm came after a good twenty minutes of play. It took a ball recovered by Jorginho and ended up at Barella’s feet complete with a miracle (or error from a few steps) by the Swiss goalkeeper. Shortly after, Chiesa tried from the edge of the area and in the 36th minute the tie came on the development of an inactive ball with Insigne’s cross for the winning header in advance of Di Lorenzo. On the 1-1 the ball of the game passed even more firmly between the feet of Italy, but without that bite and above all that precision in the dribble that distinguished it in the Mancini era. In the second half the coach switched to the false nine alternating Chiesa and Insigne in the middle of the attack, then Raspadori, but against a Switzerland that completely covered the tie, he lacked clarity in the last twenty meters, giving way to the frenzy of both Emerson and Chiesa . The episode from sliding doors came at the last minute of regulation with Berardi landed in the area by Garcia, complete with a penalty assigned with the help of the Var. From eleven meters, however, Jorginho fired into the south curve.

The situation now is this to detach the direct pass for Qatar 2022. Italy and Switzerland are paired at 15 points, with the goal difference in favor of the Azzurri (+2). With equal points, the one with the Azzurri playing in Northern Ireland and the Swiss who will host Bulgaria will count. In the event of a finish with the same score and the same goal difference, the first place will be for Switzerland for Widmer’s away goal, which therefore, potentially, is worth double.


Italy (4-3-3)
: Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbi, Emerson (35 ‘st Calabria); Barella (24 ‘st Cristante), Jorginho, Locatelli (13’ st Tonali); Church, Belotti (13 ‘st Berardi), Insigne (35’ st Raspadori). Available: Sirigu, Meret, Biraghi, Pessina, Scamacca, Bernardeschi, Mancini. Ct .: Mancini.
Switzerland (4-2-3-1): Sommer; Widmer, Schar, Akanji, Rodriguez (24′ st Garcia); Zakaria, Freuler; Vargas, Shaqiri (34′ st Sow), Steffen (24′ st Imeri); Okafor (34′ st Frei). A disp.: Omlin, Kohn, Mbabu, Zeqiri, Aebischer, Itten, Comert, Gavranovic. Ct.: Yakin.
Referee: Taylor (England)
Markers: 11 ‘Widmer (S), 36’ Di Lorenzo (I)
Ammonites: Chiesa, Insigne (I); Schar, Akanji, Garcia (S)
Expelled: nobody
Note: 45 ‘st Jorginho (I) takes a high penalty

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