Covid, Europe is struggling in the cyclone of the fourth wave

Deaths rose 10%, accounting for more than half of the 48,000 reported deaths globally. The European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) estimates a “very worrying” situation in 10 countries: Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia. Another 10 countries are considered to be in a “worrying” situation: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovakia. Italy, as mentioned, remains at a level of “low concern” with Malta, Sweden and Spain.

GERMANY – The latest data certify an average of 400 infections per million inhabitants compared to 280 per million in the previous week. The same goes for deaths: 2.4 per million compared to 1.6 7 days earlier. 67% of the population received two doses.

FRANCE – In the last week, the incidence has risen from an average of 98 to 141 infections per million. The percentage of vaccinated (first dose and booster) is 69%. The obligation of the booster for over 65s to renew the Green pass has been decided.

UK – Curve in countertrend. England – where 80% of the country’s population lives – recorded one case for every 60 inhabitants, compared to one in 50 the week before. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland also fell. The campaign for third doses, already administered to 12 million, is advancing.

NETHERLANDS – 12 thousand infections on average in the last week, compared to 8 thousand in the previous 7 days, which convinced the government to restore a partial lockdown, the first in Europe for months lasting three weeks starting Saturday evening. 72% of the population vaccinated.

AUSTRIA – From 6,600 new cases per week to 5 November, it has gone to an average of 9,600. Which will lead the country to tighten the circle around the no vax, imposing a lockdown on them. 63% of the population vaccinated. BELGIUM – In a week, infections have skyrocketed by 42%, hospitalizations by 20%. The percentage of vaccinated is 74%.

SPAIN – The incidence of infections is still growing, albeit with a less pronounced trend than others. Over 14 days it is 67 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Almost 89% of the population over 12 has completed the vaccination course and over 2 million frail and over 70 have received a third dose.

EASTERN EUROPE – It is the worst situation in the whole continent, especially for the low percentages of vaccinated. Romania (only 40% immunized), has a red dot, with 5 thousand infections per million inhabitants in the last 2 weeks. In difficulty, also in terms of hospitalizations, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. In the Czech Republic, the curve has shot up since the end of October, going from an average of 2 thousand infections to 8,500.

RUSSIA – We travel at an average of over 40 thousand infections a day, and in the last few weeks, record after record of deaths have been burned, up to 1,239 in 24 hours. Vaccination coverage is very low, just under 35%.

Fauci: in the US a complex situation but a positive trend – – “We are in a complex situation regarding the pandemic in the US but the trend is positive”. This is the opinion of Anthony Fauci, who however wanted to underline the various serious risk factors still present. Among these, explained President Biden’s advisor against the pandemic, “there is the fact that in the United States still more than 60 million people are not vaccinated against covid and this is not good, the Delta variant remains a formidable enemy. for its ability to infect, as well as the factor of the decrease over time of the protection against the virus of the same vaccines “.

On the positive side, however, there are other important factors according to the director of the US National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and above all the approvals of vaccines for children and boosters.

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