Lancia, from the new Ypsilon to the return of Delta – Mondo Auto

Lancia, from the new Ypsilon to the return of Delta – Mondo Auto
Lancia, from the new Ypsilon to the return of Delta – Mondo Auto

In recent years the brand Lancia has constantly reduced its range, concentrating its sales almost exclusively in Italy and reducing the range more and more until it has only one model, the Ypsilon. A suit that is starting to go rather tightly to the Stellantis group brand, so much so that in a few years a sort of revolution will take place: starting from 2024, in fact, the Lancia range will expand with three new models, and the Turin brand will return to be operational and profitable also on large European markets, initially France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Belgium and, later, also the United Kingdom.

Word of Luca Napolitano, the CEO of Lancia, who illustrated the strategic plan that will overwhelm the company in the coming years. The first step of this renewal process will concern the debut of the next generation of the Ypsilon: will be built on the basis of the CMP platform, the same that houses the construction of the Peugeot 208, and will also be offered with a light and electric hybrid variant. Then it will be the turn of a medium-sized crossover, probably called Aurelia: it will make its debut two years after the fifth generation of Ypsilon, therefore in 2026, and will be offered by Lancia in an electric version. As Il Fatto Quotidiano on newsstands points out today, this model will represent the top of the range of the Italian brand at least until 2028, when the return of an icon is expected.

We obviously speak of the Delta: Napolitano has confirmed the year of the launch on the market of the new model that will use that almost “sacred” name for enthusiasts, but has not specified any details even regarding the segment in which it will compete. The only element that is known is that it will enjoy “hatchback architecture“, Which probably identifies a hatchback sedan. That has not been announced, but which is absolutely fair to expect, is an electric powertrain and great sportiness.

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