Green pass only for vaccinated people (not at work). How does it work

Green pass only for vaccinated people (not at work). How does it work
Green pass only for vaccinated people (not at work). How does it work

The objectives: boost the third doses it’s a more widespread use of monoclonals, strengthen controls on compliance with the obligation of green certificate, timely apply the color system with red areas places where it is needed. The Two-speed green pass. How does it work? It could only be related to vaccines or overcoming the infection, eliminating the shortcut of the antigen test, for playful-recreational activities (restaurant, cinema, stadium). In the workplace, the current formula would remain with the option of the negative buffer. These are the pieces of a possible plan for a Christmas peaceful, despite the increase in positive cases. And there will be one more weapon available as early as January: the two new anti pills will be used Covid (Merck e Pfizer) that Italy is already buying and it will be possible to reduce hospitalizations and deaths, but only if vaccinations continue their course.

Covid Lazio Bulletin today 12 November, soaring infections: after 6 months, over a thousand cases (1,073). In Rome 383

Lombardy is confirmed as a white zone. Fontana: “90% of citizens have been vaccinated”


“If we want to avoid new closures that citizens would no longer accept and the economy would not tolerate, we must strengthen the vaccination campaign, starting with third doses,” repeats Professor Gianni Rezza, Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health. The high saturation rate in hospitals would cause not only or not so much the passage of many Regions in the yellow or orange band at Christmas, but what most counts new sufferings and new victims. To ward off this specter, look at the “Israel model”: in Tel Aviv, when they saw the curve of infections and hospitalizations rise dramatically, they ran to administer the booster (third dose) and today the situation is largely under control. “But a problem is being underestimated: the Regions have no resources, 4 billion are missing, we do not have the strength for a massive third-dose campaign in line with the one that gave excellent results for the first vaccination cycle” warns the councilor for Health from Emilia-Romagna, Raffaele Donini, who leads the health sector in the Conference of Regions. The Italian government has opened the third doses, from 1 December, also to the 40-59 age group. But it is necessary to convince the citizens and, above all, to strengthen the information campaign, the SMS system to warn who must receive the third dose and the operation of the hubs. “But the resources have run out,” Donini repeats. And this is a problem that will need to be addressed. Another front: both the Ministry of Health and the Regions are not surprised by the trend of the contagion curve. To think that what was happening in Eastern Europe, Austria, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands should magically avoid Italy, would have been naive.

Green pass, mandatory until spring: no with tampons and only lasts 6 months. How can it change

“But – observes the Lazio Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato – you have to keep your nerve. We have exceeded 1,000 daily infections, but in the face of the same number of infections, in other phases of the pandemic we had many more hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccines help us. However, in these decisive weeks, great caution is needed in the behavior of citizens and adherence to the third dose campaign. For our part, to limit hospitalizations, we have decided to significantly increase the use of monoclonals for patients at risk over 65 ».

A line also shared by the Ministry of Health on a national basis: this therapy has some limitations, because it must be administered in the initial phase of the disease and in the hospital, but reduces the duration of hospitalizations and negative events. Finally, there is the Green pass node. The consultant of the Ministry of Health, Walter Ricciardi, proposed to link it only to the vaccination or the overcoming of the infection. At Palazzo Chigi there is an ongoing reflection on this turning point, in line with decisions already taken in Austria and in part by Germany. There is a contraindication: in Italy the Green pass is also used to go to work. Eliminating the antigen testing option risks wasting offices, public services and companies. A median solution is possible: use the “reinforced” Green pass only for restaurants, cinemas, theaters and sporting events. By also increasing controls: today a very dangerous lax line is prevailing.


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