“Help, it’s hell”: the photo of the children stranded on the border between Poland and Belarus

«Help», «hell», «cold“. These are the three words that some children stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland carry written on their foreheads, to ask for help. “Help, it’s hell, we’re cold,” they say, as a photographer portrays them and they look straight into the lens, with sad and resigned eyes. In the photo they are wearing their colorful clothes that contrast with the prematurely adult expressions: the shot was relaunched on Twitter by the Belarusian portal Nexta. Under the photo, many comments, including harsh attacks on parents who “use their children, too young to write”. And still there are those who wonder if the children will be taken away from their parents who forced them to wander in the winter; then there are those who invite them to send the photo to Lukashenko and those who sarcastically underline that they should have written “I have stupid and greedy parents who paid for a flight to get to this camp in the forest”. And then there are even those who make irony: “But is it cold or hell?”.

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