here’s how to do it for free and what to know-

here’s how to do it for free and what to know-
here’s how to do it for free and what to know-

Spid free or not? It all depends on the recognition method chosen to confirm your digital identity. From November 1st, for example, Poste Italiane introduced a cost of 12 euros for activations of the Spid with recognition at the counter. A change that has sparked the controversy of thousands of users. It should also be noted that the Post Office (as well as other providers, such as Lepida) will continue to offer some methods for remote recognition free of charge. Here, the complete list of providers with the various personal recognition options, as reported on the government website.

The identification of the person to obtain the Spid

But let’s delve into the matter. The Spid provides for the recognition of the person who requests it in order to unequivocally match an individual to a digital identity. The Poste ID can be activated remotely with CIE (Electronic Identity Card), Cns (National Service Card), digital signature, Bancoposta reader and Postamat card or with SMS on a certified mobile phone associated with Bancoposta or Postepay.

The free Spid: how to do it

The most popular method, however, is personal identification at the post office counter. This system, free until now, will be paid for by several providers. Not all for. To give an example, Lepida, one of the 9 Spid identity providers, offers 6 different methods of free recognition, including the possibility of in-person recognition at over 2,000 branches active in the area. On the other hand, the recognition mode via webcam with operator will be paid with the provider if made by appointment.

Poste Italiane in first place

Based on the latest updated data as of 24 October, almost 26 million digital identities have been activated in Italy. During the critical phase of the pandemic alone, Poste has released over 15 million SPIDs, favoring the digitization process of Italians in a period of emergency for the country. Thanks to the proximity and the capillarity of the network of over 12,000 post offices – the group said – millions of Italians have been able to obtain easily and with the maximum support of operators their own digital identity, which represents the access key to all digital services. of the Public Administration. AToday the company has released more than 80% of Spid activations in Italy free of charge. The digital identity activation service for Poste Italiane was expected to be paid for from June 2020 and – the group still specify – the company has responsibly extended the free period precisely because of the pandemic as well as for other essential services for citizens. always free, like the platform for vaccine reservations and logistic deliveries. Poste Italiane only from 1 November has adapted to the market by applying, for new subscriptions, a cost for activations of the spid through an operator.

Some consumer associations, including Aduc, have complained about the passage to payment of this recognition system, which Poste provided free of charge until October. The consequence argues Aduc that a person unfamiliar with today’s technologies and that he has no way of getting help forced to pay 12 euros in the post office.


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