People Mover Bologna: suspended service. Stops two out of three shuttles – Chronicle

People Mover Bologna: suspended service. Stops two out of three shuttles – Chronicle
People Mover Bologna: suspended service. Stops two out of three shuttles – Chronicle

Bologna, 12 November 2021 – Il People Mover of Bologna remains at the stake. Two out of three shuttles are stopped, the service is suspended and there are no prospects for a reboot anytime soon. To draw the picture is the councilor for Mobility, Valentina Orioli, in a reply read in the City Council by his colleague Massimo Bugani in reply to the questions of Nicola Stanzani (FI) e Francesco Sassone (Fdi).

After a breakdown to a vehicle on 4 September, explains Orioli, the People Mover manager decided that “two of the three vehicles” available for the monorail are not authorized, “pending certification from the manufacturer”. In the meantime, maintenance and monitoring of the line “planned and necessary for safety” are being carried out. To date, however, “the service is not yet active” e replacement buses are in operation to connect Bologna station and airport.

“So there is no forecast of a restart – Stanzani attacks – the work continues to have major problems, which the Municipality fully confirms”. On the same Sassone line. “The service is stopped, we will pay the concessionaire € 1.5 million for lost revenues and passengers pay the full price of the ticket to get replacement buses. The Municipality, however, does nothing with the manager to solve the problems of a useless, expensive and noisy vehicle “.

For its part, Orioli is keen to reiterate that the concessionaire, that is Marconi Express, “has full and exclusive responsibility for the service” and is obliged to inform the Municipality also about stops on the monorail. Likewise, the “policies on tariff concessions are established independently by the concessionaire”.

As for the noise of the People Mover, adds the commissioner, to date the levels “comply with current legislation”, both day and night. But the surveys date back to December 2020, therefore in a period of less traffic, therefore also with less background noise, due to the restrictions related to the pandemic. For this Arpae has established new monitoring, which Marconi Express will have to carry out, to confirm compliance with the limits. Downstream of these new data, explains Orioli, “further mitigation works will be evaluated”.

Meanwhile, the commissioner underlines, “further interventions” are still being studied to reduce noise, such as “the reduction of the speed of the shuttle near the Lazzaretto station”, in the points where, despite compliance with the limits, “residents show discomfort. “.

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