Coronavirus Italy today: contagion data still high. Covid Bulletin of 12 November

Coronavirus Italy today: contagion data still high. Covid Bulletin of 12 November
Coronavirus Italy today: contagion data still high. Covid Bulletin of 12 November

Rome, 12 November 2021 – Daily appointment with the bulletin of the Ministry of Health and of Civil protection on the Coronavirus in Italia. After the sharp increase in new cases of Covid recorded yesterday, the expectation is growing for today’s data on contagion, dead, hospitalizations e terapie intensive which will be released in the afternoon. The Veneto even today it has exceeded 1,000 daily infections and from the first numbers arriving from Regions the new positives are stable.

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Instead, they grow, as certified by the draft of the monitoring Iss, both theindice Rt which is progressively moving away from the epidemic threshold, both theincidence which is equal to 78 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (last week it was 53). Employment rates in ordinary wards and intensive care units also increased, which however remain well below the national level. alert threshold, respectively set at 15% and 10%.

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“I’m pragmatic – he remarked Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Minister of Health, at ‘Agorà’ on RaiTre – from today until Christmas there will be a further deterioration. I hope, however, that it is not such as to affect normal activities. I am more concerned about January-February, but I hope these measures will protect us and allow us to do a Almost normal Christmas“.

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We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updates of the Ministry of Health and the Pdf table

Today in the Lazio are detected more than a thousand cases, 1073, as had not happened for 6 months. In the last 24 hours they are also registered 5 deaths. There are 11,793 people currently positive for Covid, of which 537 are hospitalized, 69 in intensive care and 11,187 in home isolation.

For the second consecutive day the Veneto exceeds a thousand new registered Covid infections, 1.029 more in the last 24 hours. Today’s bulletin also reports 7 new victims, which bring the total number of deaths since the beginning of the emergency to 11,870. The numbers of current positives are also rising, which are 14,872, 648 more, and hospitalizations are growing, with 285 patients in ordinary wards (+21) and 60 (+1) in intensive care.

Today 869 new positives have been detected in Campania.

In Emilia Romagna in the last 24 hours they are counted 712 contagion, four dead and there is a slow growth in hospitalizations. Among the victims, in Ravenna, also a 57-year-old woman. There are 42 hospitalized in intensive care, while 362 are in the other Covid wards. Parallel to the daily infections, active cases are also growing again, approaching 10 thousand. The province with the highest number of new cases per day is that of Bologna (172, 34 of which in the Imola area), followed by Forlì-Cesena (145) and Modena (120)

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of 7,047 molecular swabs were detected 531 new infections with a positive percentage of 7.54%. There are also 13,362 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which they were detected 46 almost (0.34%). Today they register 4 deaths. There are 19 people admitted to intensive care, while there are 134 patients in other departments.

I new cases of Covid registered in the last 24 hours in Tuscany I’m 430 on 28,502 tests of which 9,334 molecular swabs and 19,168 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 1.51% (4.6% on first diagnoses). Compared to yesterday, the number of daily infections is decreasing, however, in the face of a lower number of tampons and a growing positivity rate. I am 5 the new ones deceased: 3 men and 2 women with an average age of 84.4 years. The currently positive are 7,127: among these the hospitalized are 285 (-10), of which 28 in intensive care (+4).

In South Tyrol the infections always remain very high. Today’s bulletin records 386 new cases on 1,545 molecular swabs examined yesterday (25% positive rate). Two people deceased in the last 24 hours for a total of 1,213 victims since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of Covid patients admitted to hospital is stable: 65 in normal wards (no change) and 6 in intensive care (one more than yesterday).

Today in Puglia out of 19,628 swabs carried out were identified 265 positive cases: 80 in the province of Bari, 7 in the province of Barletta, Andria, Trani and 35 in that of Brindisi, 58 in the province of Foggia, 27 in the province of Lecce, 57 in the province of Taranto and one resident outside the region. They have also been registered 3 deaths. Currently there are 3,631 positive people, 159 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 19 in intensive care.

In Calabria from the analysis of 4,833 swabs carried out were detected 219 new cases of Covid. In the last 24 hours they are also registered 3 deaths which bring the total number of victims to 1,465 since the beginning of the health emergency. 152, on the other hand, are newly healed. There are 107 stable patients in the hospitals, with 9 hospitalized in intensive care.

I am 152 i contagion Covid discovered today in Abruzzo. The budget of deceased patients does not record no new cases and remains at 2,566 since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positive are 2,620 (+14 compared to yesterday): among these are 81 patients (-1 compared to yesterday) hospitalized in the medical area, 10 (+4 compared to yesterday) in intensive care, while the other 2,529 ( +11 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation

In Umbria there are 96 new positives and one victim; same budget in Sardinia. In Basilicata 18 cases, 30 in Molise. After 50 days without victims, there is a new death in Valle d’Aosta where the infections were 19. Sixty-five of the 7,152 swabs carried out in Trentino gave a positive result.

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