Rugby Italy-Argentina, Lamaro: “Italy must not allow itself to take steps backwards with Argentina”

Rugby Italy-Argentina, Lamaro: “Italy must not allow itself to take steps backwards with Argentina”
Rugby Italy-Argentina, Lamaro: “Italy must not allow itself to take steps backwards with Argentina”

The blue captain on the eve of tomorrow’s match in Treviso with the Pumas: “The pressure for the result will be all on the Pumas, we are looking for improvements. And if people perceive our commitment, we are proud of it”

Compared to the at least not disappointing, indeed, in some respects very encouraging, performance in the match a week ago with the All Blacks, captain Michele Lamaro emphasizes that this Italy “cannot afford to take steps back” now that the time has come. to challenge Argentina. For tomorrow’s match in Treviso, second engagement in the Autumn Nations Series, Lamaro’s Italy will not take the field with the pressure of the result on his shoulders, rather the captain wants the team to score an improvement compared to the last exit: ” If people enjoyed our game with the All Blacks, we are proud of it, but we are aware that it is only a first step. They perceive what we give on the pitch, team unity is a signal that we intend to give to the opponents and to those who watch us ”.


In spite of Italy’s negative streak, Lamaro believes that the weight of the pressure will be all on the Pumas, who have lost the last 7 games. “Maybe – says the blue captain – they more than us will feel obliged to win: They are facing a team that is young and under construction, which still has to work hard to fix things. For us, the same speech made before the All Blacks applies: the focus will remain on performance. We want to grow individually and collectively in terms of performance and reliability. We don’t feel the pressure of the result ”. To change, compared to last Saturday’s match, will be something else, says Lamaro: “For me it is always a rugby match. The outline will change, we will go from a stadium like the Olimpico to a much smaller one. To take the field will be two teams attached to the shirt and colors. It will be first of all a mental battle, then a physical one. They are an extremely physical team and, as seen also with France, they never give up: if the opponent had something more, they still gave us all the desire “. Italy will also have to do everything to stay within the result, which is why one wonders if it will be appropriate to always go for the posts when the opportunity arises. “But look – Lamaro points out – that if with the All Blacks we went looking for the touche at the beginning it was for a tactical reason. I believe that, especially in the early stages of a match, you have to put pressure on the opponent and if you have a good forward package you have to go looking for the goal. I certainly don’t make choices for the show… And I know very well that with the Pumas every point will be important ”.


Lamaro then went into detail on the work done during the week: “We worked a lot on the mental aspect, also because it was difficult to do a physical job after a match like the one with the All Blacks, which left us very tired and tried. Precisely for this reason, the greatest challenge for us is to be able to get to tomorrow with the same mentality, not having been able to afford so much physical work in between ”. And if this choice has paid off, we will know very soon: appointment at 14 tomorrow in Monigo.

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