LIVE COVID-19 – Over a thousand cases in Lazio. Holland in moderate lockdown from tomorrow. Austria, possible lockdown for the unvaccinated. Gigi Riva: “After the third dose

I am 595.812 the molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours in Italy, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The positives are 8.569, while the victims are 67. The positivity rate is at1,4%. As usual, provides you with the latest LIVE news about it.

16:02 – People who tested positive for Covid in Calabria that’s 219 more than yesterday. There are also three deaths in the region. Nine patients hospitalized in intensive care, while 107 people are on the ward.

15:07 – “Today in Lazio the thousand Covid cases will be exceeded with 5 deaths of which 4 are not vaccinated “. This was announced by the Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region.” The last time the threshold of one thousand cases per day was exceeded dates back to about six months ago, however, when the number of hospitalizations in the medical area exceeded 2 thousand units and in intensive care it reached about 300 places occupied, compared to today’s situation of 535 places in the medical area and 68 in intensive care – underlines the Crisis Unit – This means that with the same number of positive cases, due to the effect of vaccinations, there is a much lower number of hospitalizations “.

14:23 – The EU Commission today received the first payment request under the Recovery fund. There Spain it requested € 10 billion in financial support, net of pre-financing, to finance “energy efficiency, clean mobility, skills projects and more”. President Ursula von der Leyen announces it. The funding is conditional on “Spain’s implementation of the investments and reforms outlined in its NRP”, explains Brussels, underlining that the Madrid request concerns the achievement of 52 objectives. Brussels now has 2 months to evaluate the request.

13:40 – “This is a treacherous virus, it continues to be lurking, we must return to a normality of coexistence with this virus, which we must defend with virtuous behavior without letting our guard down”. The extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, the general, said this Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, speaking at the Federmanager National Assembly in Rome.

13:10 – Europe is again in the lead in the world for percentages of new cases and deaths due to Covid-19. This is what the World Health Organization affirmed in its weekly epidemiological update. According to the WHO, the number of new cases in Europe increased by 7% last week while the number of deaths rose by 10%. Africa was the only other region to report an increase in new positives. It was the sixth consecutive week that the virus increased across the continent.

12:45 – The Spallanzani bulletin: 93 hospitalized, 19 in intensive care.

12:27 – From today the pharmacies of Verona and the province that offer the anti Covid vaccination service to citizens will also be able to provide the third booster dose (booster) to healthy subjects aged 60 and over. The Territorial Pharmaceutical Service of the Ulss 9 Scaligera Company has confirmed the availability of the supply of Pfizer / BioNTech authorized Cominarty m-RNA vaccine in Italy.

11:59 – The obligation to green pass also applies to San Marino: the green certificate must be shown in indoor places where it is not possible to maintain the distance. Last night, reports the local edition of the Resto del Carlino, the government issued a new decree with new restrictions to combat the pandemic considering the rising contagion curve.

11:35 – The Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg does not rule out a lockdown for the unvaccinated at the national level, after the announcement of Upper Austria to take this measure to break the curve of infections. A no vax lockdown “seems inevitable,” Schallenberg said, stating that there will be no “vaccinated solidarity lockdown.” “I don’t understand why two thirds of the population should limit their freedoms just because a third hesitates” to get vaccinated, added the chancellor. “This Christmas will be uncomfortable for the unvaccinated,” he said.

10:59 – “I am a doctor and a science communicator, I go to television to bring science and not to participate in no-vax and no-Green pass hen houses that only do caciara. Yesterday in Piazzapulita I was attacked and insulted without any scientific argument but only for my pro-vaccine positions. It must be put a point, these no-vax and no-Green passes should not be invited. ” These are the words of Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, reported from the site of SkyTg24.

10:41 – As reported by the agency Anp, l‘Netherlands from Saturday it will enter a moderate lockdown: shops and restaurants will close at 19:00 while it will not be possible to invite more than 4 people to the house. Smartworking extended as much as possible.

10:25 – The virologist of the State University of Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasco, spoke to the microphones of SkyTg24: “This tail swing is something expected. The values ​​will go up. The important thing is that, to date, the vaccine is holding. The vaccinated, however, must increase. “On vaccines for children:” The children are now the diffusers, it is better to vaccinate them “.

10:00 – “There is only one recipe against the passage in the yellow zone: push on the third dose”. These are the words of the Governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, in an interview with The Corriere della Sera: “I believe we should never stop in defense: my invitation is to be careful. Not frightened, but careful”.

9:50Gigi Riva he just turned 77, celebrated in the family, as he told The Corriere della Sera: “We were all vaccinated, starting with my kids. And then I had the third dose too, three weeks ago. I know they called me for the third dose and I went. And yes, they recognized me and told me that I did well”. On the insults received by the no vax: “I do what I want, I certainly do not depend on them: they do not make me hot or cold. I have no problem with them, but when I see the protests on television I change the channel: it cannot be manifested by creating chaos, by hitting each other. not even comment on those who behave like this, after a year and a half of world crisis due to the pandemic, after so many deaths “

9:30 – As reported by the site of SkyTg24, there are 4 suspects in Milan belonging to the No Green pass movement for “prevaricating attitudes towards some journalists”.

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