Maggiore diabetes center, access to treatment even at a distance

Maggiore diabetes center, access to treatment even at a distance
Maggiore diabetes center, access to treatment even at a distance

CREMONA – Access to diabetes care. This is the theme that the Italian Diabetes Society (Sid) e l’Association of diabetologists (Amd) put at the center of the World Diabetes Day November 14th. A very topical issue that with the pandemic saw the spread of digital tools in the health sector, accelerating their knowledge and use by citizens and doctors in the different phases of the treatment process.


“The treatment of chronic diseases, in particular diabetes, represents a priority area for the application of telemedicine models”, says Patrizia Ruggeri (Responsible Diabetes Center, Cremona Hospital). “The help of technology, in fact, can be the solution to allow access to treatment and appropriate assistance in conditions of maximum safety”. “In particular,” continues Ruggeri, “Televisita, or a remote visit via video link, is applied in the context of continuity of care (follow-up) of patients who require outpatient services. The connection takes place in real time and allows the doctor to see and interact with the patient, following all the stages of a face-to-face visit ». «Before activating this service, the specialist checks the technological potential of the patient or his caregiver (access to the network, to the FSE, etc.). The visit modality, in presence or at a distance, is agreed from time to time, thus customizing the treatment path according to the specific needs of the person», Continues Ruggeri.

Patrizia Ruggeri responsible for the Diabetes Center of Cremona


«Due to the lockdown, noin 2020 the number of antidiabetic drug prescriptions fell by 33% compared to 2019, with a peak of 70% between March and June 2020, which is the most critical phase of the health emergency»Explains Ruggeri. “There was also a 60% decrease in first visits: the total number of people with diabetes seen for the first time in diabetes in 2020 is around 18,000, compared to over 40,000 referring to the year 2019. These are only some of the data collected from the latest edition of the Amd Annals, the survey periodically conducted by the Diabetic Doctors Association to photograph the quality of diabetes care provided in our country », concludes Ruggeri.


The Diabetes Center of the Cremona Hospital is located on the 6th floor, right side, of the central body. It is a specialized service that offers advice and care of the person with diabetes for the treatment of the disease and the prevention of acute or chronic complications. A dedicated team of doctors, diabetologists, ophthalmologists, nurses, dieticians and psychologists operates. The activities carried out by the Center are:

  • Blood tests related to the monitoring of diabetes and its complications.
  • Day Service, i.e. monitoring of the disease through specific diagnostic tests carried out over the course of a day.
  • Certification for the issue or renewal of the driving license and for the exemption of chronic pathology.
  • Outpatient clinic dedicated to gestational diabetes.
  • Outpatient clinic dedicated to type 1 diabetes and the management of the pump.
  • Individual and group therapeutic education (self-control, insulin therapy, diabetic foot prevention).
  • Food education.
  • Planning of dietary programs (first visit and check-ups) and training in the “counting” of carbohydrates in food.
  • Prescription of therapeutic aids for metabolic monitoring and insulin therapy.
  • Consultancy in the wards of the hospital unit for hospitalized patients.
  • Therapeutic discharge education for a protected discharge.
  • Telemedicine


Through it CUP counter of the Hospital or by calling regional call center 800 638 638. To book, a referral from the attending physician is required.

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