New Zealand, Antarctic penguin found 3,000 kilometers from its natural habitat

November 12, 2021 11:54 AM

The person who spotted it said that he initially mistaken it for a stuffed animal: “But then suddenly he moved his head and I realized it was true”

Singh spotted the penguin while walking with his wife on the beach at Birdlings Flat, just south of Christchurch on the east coast. “He didn’t move for an hour, he looked exhausted,” he told her Bbc the man, who therefore decided to turn to a center that deals with the care of penguins, also to prevent them from being attacked by other animals.

The center’s experts took care of the animal, who was slightly underweight and dehydrated. After some testing, he will likely be dropped off on a safer beach on the Banks Peninsula.

It is the third sighting of an Adelia penguin known in New Zealand: two other specimens were found respectively in 1962 and 1993. These are therefore extremely rare cases. If the episodes were to intensify, it would be – say the experts – a worrying sign.


Zealand Antarctic penguin kilometers natural habitat

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