“Unacceptable, he said the government ‘pushed too hard’ with vaccines”

Ravenna and Marina di Ravenna are in shock after the arrest of the doctor Mauro Passarini, accused of having pretended to administer the anticovid vaccine to patients also from outside the region to get them the Green Pass. The 64-year-old, currently in prison, is seriously suspected in particular of the crimes of embezzlement, false ideology and corruption.

Patients who received the vaccine from Dr. Passarini were invited by the Ausl to undergo, voluntarily and free of charge, a serological test to search for antibodies (to check whether the vaccine was actually carried out or not). But there are many patients of the doctor, whom he received in the office in via Lissa in Ravenna and in that of Marina di Ravenna in viale Spalato, who, despite not having been vaccinated by him, were shocked by what happened.

“We saw the police patrol arriving in the doctor’s office, but we were working – says one of his patients, a bartender in a bar near the Marina di Ravenna clinic – We found out about the arrest by customers. I never imagined such a thing, he was a very cultured, discreet, kind, polite and quiet person, but of course a bit of indignation was unleashed even among the customers of the bar, because he behaved badly, this is not ethical. I happened to hear him say that the vaccine was something “too pushed” by the government, I don’t know if he did not believe in the functioning of vaccines or in the obligation to vaccinate, but he was not attentive to precautions such as the use of a mask. a little shocked … The first reaction was to immediately change GP. Fortunately my family and I were not vaccinated by him, but we have lost all kind of confidence “.

“It was a bolt from the blue, although I must say that there was a hint of his sympathy towards the no vax – adds a 54-year-old patient to Marina – Once talking to him I had expressed my opinion in favor of vaccines, we talked about when the vaccine camper came to Marina and many got vaccinated. I said that I was happy with this initiative, he replied a bit like this between the lines telling me that even if I was vaccinated I could infect, in short, I understood that he was not very supportive of the vaccine. When I asked him if I was right to vaccinate my father, who is an 81-year-old heart patient with very high diabetes, he was very vague. He told me “See you, if he wants to …”. Given my father’s condition I would have expected him to tell me “Of course he has to!” But from there to imagine such a thing just no, the seriousness of the person is disintegrated in the face of such a thing, jeopardize his entire medical career, then to Marina di R avenna, where we always talk about everything and even on Facebook we write even when a leaf falls, from Thursday there is total silence: perhaps precisely because among the fake vaccinated by Passarini there are so many inhabitants of Marina … It cannot be acceptable such behavior on the part of a doctor, he sought it out and now he has to take on his responsibilities “.

In the meantime, the Ausl on Tuesday ordered the immediate suspension of the vaccination activity by the doctor in question and the following day, Wednesday, provided for the precautionary suspension of the agreement in place between the Company and the doctor himself, after having already identified substitute doctors for both studies in which the doctor practiced. Similarly, on Friday the Order of Doctors of the Province of Ravenna took steps to adopt an urgent resolution that determines the suspension of the doctor from exercising his profession. Dr. Passarini’s patients are invited to contact Dr. Antonio Zito in the clinics of Marina, Lido Adriano and Punta Marina at the times shown in the image below.

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