Covid today Emilia Romagna: bulletin 12 November 2021. New boom in infections

Covid today Emilia Romagna: bulletin 12 November 2021. New boom in infections
Covid today Emilia Romagna: bulletin 12 November 2021. New boom in infections

Bologna, 12 November 2021 – New surge in infections in Emilia Romagna: 742 cases of Covid registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday there were 617). The councilor for health of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Raffaele Donini, anticipates the data of today’s bulletin, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the first block of the historic building of the Inail prosthesis center.

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“The growth of infections seems to me on the increase. It is a significant increase, of course, if we compare it to the second wave of last year, that of November, today we have 25% of the cases of last year. And this is precisely due to vaccines and even more can be seen in hospitalizations, much lower than in previous years “, comments Donini.

The bulletin of the pandemic in Emilia Romagna

Yesterday there were 617 new positives at Covid in Emilia Romagna on about 30 thousand swabs. Unfortunately, there were seven deaths, all over the age of eighty: 5 in the Bolognese area (one of which in Imola), 1 in Modena and 1 in Rimini. There is an increase in hospitalizations in the wards, 363 (+13), while in intensive care they are 40 (-1).

Covid Italy: the first data

New infections are still growing in the last 24 hours in Italy, as in the rest of Europe and the world. Still more than a thousand positives in Veneto, Toscana a quota 430. In Umbria there are 96 new positives, one victim and four more hospitalizations than yesterday. In Basilicata 18 cases, 30 in Molise. After 50 days without victims, there is a new death in Valle d’Aosta where there were 19 infections.

The incidence of covid patients per 100 thousand inhabitants is growing throughout the country: the average is 78. An enormous leap forward is also made by theEmilia Romagna, which reaches altitude 87,7. while only last week it was at 56.1.

Mauro Passarini is the general practitioner arrested for having carried out false vaccinations to procure false Green passes for numerous no vaxes, upon payment of a large sum of denato: 500 euros each. The doctor is originally from Bologna but resides on the Ravenna coast where he has one of his two offices (the other is in the center of Ravenna). The man, defended by the lawyer Carlo Benini, must answer for embezzlement, false ideology and corruption.

In the article published today signed by Valerio Baroncini, all the measures issued in public health by the no vax health workers are reported. Bologna appears to be the most virtuous, while the greatest problems are recorded in Romagna. The regional councilor for health Donini urges: “I hope that the effects of the vaccines will convince them to change their minds”.

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