The psychologist from “angel” to “demon” “Expert in child abuse”. “No, charlatan”

The psychologist from “angel” to “demon” “Expert in child abuse”. “No, charlatan”
The psychologist from “angel” to “demon” “Expert in child abuse”. “No, charlatan”

Faithful to the name of the investigation – «Angels and demons» – which has mangled its image in the media mincer. And in fact a bit of an “angel” and a bit of a “demon”, the psychologist Claudio Foti has always been. Before the Bibbiano scandal, the “angel” prevailed over the “demon,” with a large chunk of the academic community ready to sing the “human and professional” praises of this Einstein-style hair-shrink; then, when the investigation exploded, the “demon” took over, sweeping away the dignity of a “super expert” to whom (it should be remembered) important powers of attorney have entrusted over the years technical expertise on the very same issues for which yesterday the justice instead condemned him.

A nemesis where the demon has devoured the angel; and where the colleagues who took him to heaven in his golden days threw him to hell in the hour of disgrace.

But yesterday, leaving the court, Foti appeared anything but resigned to the philosophical abjuration of the so-called “Foti method”: “The recordings were analyzed with prejudice. They prove the exact opposite of what the prosecution claims. An improper debate took place in the courtroom: plausible in a scientific conference, certainly not in a judicial seat “. At his side is the lawyer Andrea Coffari, an expert in family law and president of the Children’s Movement since 2007. It fell to him to defend the honor of a friend, even before that of a “client”: “Time will be an honest man – he told us two years ago -. The charges against Foti will deflate ». In part he was right: for Foti he had been asked for 6 years, 4 years were inflicted on him. A “discount” that does not return to Foti anything of the worst that had been said (and written) about him, even by those who has passed off as “information” sensational hoaxes. No offense was spared Foti, shot in newspapers and TV with a barrage of bloody epithets: “monster”, “charlatan”, “fixed” … A list enriched even by the nice epithet of “violent husband” (following a banal quarrel with his wife) and of a “braggart” (for the laughable suspicion of “being without a degree”). And at the center of the viewfinder, always him: Claudio Foti, the psychiatrist specializing in child abuse with dozens of essays on the subject to his credit. All liquidated by his detractors, bringing up the infamous “memory machine” which Foti allegedly made “constant and improper use”. And it matters little that this “machine” never actually existed.

Coffari had denounced to the Giornale: «We are facing an underestimated phenomenon. In separations with reports of abuse, three constants can be traced: a male sex offender who wants to impose, through oppression, the role of dominant man; a mother who denounces but is often marginalized and discredited also by the institutional network that should protect her; an abused child who, without prompt and effective intervention by social services, is destined to never free himself from trauma ”.

And what does the elusive “Foti method” consist of? «It doesn’t exist – explains the lawyer, with Foti among the promoters of the Children’s Movement -. Rather, it should be highlighted that violence against children, women and mothers still represents a taboo. Therefore a work of denunciation is necessary. Because, as Martin Luther King said, what really frightens is not the violence of the bad guys, but the indifference of the good guys ».

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