Covid, Civil sentinel hospital to monitor the infection

Covid, Civil sentinel hospital to monitor the infection
Covid, Civil sentinel hospital to monitor the infection

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The Italian federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso) announced this morning the establishment of a network of sentinel hospitals through which it will come monitored the trend of hospitalizations related a Covid-19.

The network will consist of eleven hospitals distributed throughout the peninsula: in the North participate theAsst Spedali Civili of Brescia, the Asl city of Turin, the Irccs San Martino Polyclinic Hospital in Genoa, the Friuli Occidentale health authority; the Center involves the Irccs Policlinico S. Orsola – Malpighi of Bologna, the Inmi Spallanzani of Rome, the ASL Roma 6, the Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona, the Santa Maria di Terni hospital; in the south there are the Policlinico di Bari and the Colli Monaldi hospital – Cotogno di Napoli. The coordination is entrusted to Inmi Spallanzani of Rome.

“We want to follow the progress of the pandemic, in particular hospitalizations, through timely monitoring of a sample of sentinel hospitals capable of reporting the trends in hospitalizations and suggesting organizational solutions in advance of the virus”, says the president in a note Fiaso, Giovanni Migliore. For the director of Spallanzani Francesco Vaia, the network is «one useful tool to understand how, especially at this stage, it is necessary go beyond mere numerical data, contextualizing the numbers to the complexity of the clinical picture and the incidence of vaccination on the state of health “. In the first monitoring started by the 11 sentinel hospitals, 475 patients with an average age of 68 years were followed; 59 are in intensive care.

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Covid Civil sentinel hospital monitor infection

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