GF Vip Alex Belli and Ricciarelli, rags fly. It’s chaos: “I’ll slap you”

The Home most spied on in Italy, it is often the scene of disputes and more or less peaceful confrontations between roommates. The last heated clash saw protagonists Katia Ricciarelli e Alex Belli. The first has been noticed by the general public since its entry into the Home for its strong and straightforward character. The second is among the most controversial characters of this sixth edition of the GF VIP. Here’s what happened between the two and what made the soprano go on a rampage.

In the late evening of 11 November 2021 there was a stir among the gieffini. As it was caught on the cameras of the show, Katia Ricciarelli verbally lashed out at the 38-year-old actor. What sparked the wrath of Pippo Baudo’s ex-wife? It all starts with decision of the production to have Belli choose the music to listen to together with his roommates to spend an evening with friends. At this point, the Emilian actor decided to satisfy everyone’s tastes, ranging from one musical genre to another up to opera, the soprano’s favorite type of music par excellence.

So far so good were it not that, while listening to Katia’s performance of the “Bohemia”, famous work by Puccini, his roommates have decided to leave the room and move to the garden to get some fresh air. Ricciarelli, at this point, was deeply offended and decided to express her anger against Alex.

“That was the Bohème sung by me! If you hear a different music than what you usually listen to and I am here in front of you, you must have a minimum of education. I am very disappointed, you laughed until I got angry. You laughed like crazy […] I was upset, you were here laughing and joking. Luckily we are different worlds, but remember that it takes respect for music. “

Ricciarelli perceived the departure of the other competitors of the GF Vip just as the melody she performed resounded as a severe disrespect. In addition, Katia heard loud laughter that did not allow her to listen carefully to the song and suffered thought they were making fun of her.

“A minimum of education. Once you finished the piece, you started dancing as if to say ‘Finally’ “

For its part Belli immediately defended himself by saying that no one was laughing at her, and he downplayed it by saying that one cannot be angry even for nothingness:

“We were laughing about our other things, we don’t need your permission. Or now let’s get La Bohème back on and we’re all silent. If you want to argue about this stuff, I disagree. I haven’t been rude and I won’t let you tell me. You are seriously crazy […] Now the co ***** i turn to me. We all shut up and listen to the pieces without laughing, dancing or singing. Guys I can’t take it anymore with this bigotry of the ***. Because here you can no longer live in peace. “

Alex specified that he was laughing at a speech that Davide Silvestri was making to him:

“But can I laugh? I was laughing at things they were saying to me. You did not follow the speech, it was absurd. I wasn’t laughing for the bohemian. How many times have we listened to it together? You don’t have to get mad about these stuff. “

While the 38-year-old tried to defend himself Katia pressed him:

“But why do you always have to shout? But why? Shout! It takes respect for music. You can’t always say to disassociate yourself when things don’t go your way. No. I don’t accept that you dissociate, that’s enough. You love Me? I don’t give a damn about your good. Don’t say ‘I disassociate myself’ anymore. You cannot dissociate yourself from anything because we are in a house and you have to respect everyone. What do you disagree with? From being rude? “

The actor got impatient, saying:

“No, I wasn’t rude and I won’t let you say it. Are you crazy? “

At this point the Venetian singer he blurted out:

“But who do you think you are? Get off, you, him and your bitches. And start lowering your voice with me from now on, don’t treat me so I’ll give you a slap. I give it to you and send you away “

It is not the first time that Ricciarelli nails Alex. The singer commented harshly the actor’s ambiguous behavior inside the House, close to Soleil Sorge despite being married to Delia Duran. Whether there will be any remains to be seen aftermath of the discussion in the next episode of the GF Vip on 12 November 2021.

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