after Greco we need a foreigner “

after Greco we need a foreigner “
after Greco we need a foreigner “

A toast in front of the Aula Magna of the Palace of Justice in Milan greeted the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Francesco Greco who will retire tomorrow at the age of 70. A toast “to poison”, given the situation in which the prosecutor of Milan finds itself, split and in full struggle between magistrates, an internal war started during the Greco management, which after five years leaves an environment in ruins.

“It’s a prosecutor’s office where everyone is against everyone, where 59 judges out of 64 voted against Greco in favor of Storari just because they couldn’t stand him anymore, not for real reasons” he told us in this interview. Frank Cimini, journalist already at the Manifesto, Morning, Apcom, Tmnews and currently author of the “Now we are witnessing a general flight from Milan and for the first time in 40 years it is almost certain that someone who is not from Milan will take Greco’s place as prosecutor. A necessary turning point “.

Francesco Greco leaves: he leaves several prosecutors investigated on one of those investigations where he had spent the most, the Eni case. What assessment can be made?

He says he leaves an organized and effective power of attorney. In reality it is a prosecutor’s office where everyone is against everyone and where 59 magistrates out of 64 had voted against him, saving Storari. They did it just to go against him so much they couldn’t stand him anymore.

Nothing is saved at all?

Greco says that the magistrates first have to respect the rules and in the Eni trial he strongly wanted the rules were not respected. The tragedy of that trial is not having lost it, because the trials can also be lost, but the mess they tried to make by sending the president to Brescia in the hope that he would abstain.

That process made a mark on your career in a way, is that it?

That trial was brought by the department he created, that of International Financial Crimes, which to date has not won a single trial.

Is that where the war with Storari started?

Yes, of course. It broke out when Greco had issued a statement to say that nothing had happened and on whatsApp Storari replied: “Francesco, let’s not fool ourselves”. Let’s say that Francesco Greco’s exit is inglorious.

Yet it came as the symbol of Clean Hands, with so much emphasis …

He had been called the financial mastermind of the Pool, which is just a fairy tale. I remember when he forgot to cite Fininvest as an injured party, forcing him to start the process all over again, or when D’Ambrosio told me: the things he does none of us have the courage to go and see if they are right or wrong.

This was the climate, not exactly idyllic, one might say.

Already. Greco is the one who was approached by the Roman deputy prosecutor Francesco Misiani, since he had been a judicial auditor of the Squillante case, and asked him whose bug was in the Tombini bar. Returned to Milan, wrote a letter to Borrelli, denouncing Misiani. I met him, seeing that I had received his letter, and I asked him: “Sorry, aren’t you ashamed to denounce your former teacher?”. And he: “If I don’t, Boccassini puts me in jail”. This was the climate between them. It was a sad farewell, Davigo was not present at the toast, with whom they threatened to report each other. Di Pietro was present, complimented him and as a magistrate who respects the rules I think he is the very last.

The future of this power of attorney?

At the toast, in that Aula Magna where Borrelli pronounced that triple “resist” as if it were the line of the Piave, it was understood that on the line of the Piave, where they sang “the stranger does not pass”, this time instead the foreigner will pass, because it seems that a non-Milan prosecutor is coming, for the first time in 40 years.

What predictions do you feel you have to make?

The balance of power will change, some magistrates will be transferred, for example Fabio De Pasquale, owner of the Eni investigations that cost him the charge in Brescia for refusing office documents. Laura Pedio is at risk of trial for Amara’s minutes. Eugenio Fusco, who is one of the most important chief prosecutors, asked to go to Verona. There is the risk of a mass flight, it is not easy to work in these conditions.

There is talk of Romanelli, a great expert on terrorism and mafia phenomena.

Maurizio Romanelli, however, beyond his qualities, has no chance, the will is to change the page, just Milan prosecutors. Then anything can happen, the attorney general of Florence, Marcello Viola, who is the main candidate, could go to Rome. In short, we have to see what will happen. At the moment it’s just a big mess.

(Paolo Vines)

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