WhatsApp, closes forever the function loved by everyone

WhatsApp, closes forever the function loved by everyone
WhatsApp, closes forever the function loved by everyone

The bad news is this: the WhatsApp Web feature, beloved by everyone, closes forever. The very good news is that it will be replaced by the multi-device function. What does it mean?

whatsapp web closes

The novelty translates into a great advantage: the multi-device allows you to use the instant messaging App on 4 different devices simultaneously without having to connect the phone to the Internet, unlike the ‘old’ WhatsApp Web (Desktop or Portal).

Support for iPad but confirmations and details are awaited.

The WhatsApp Web function closes forever: the multi-device arrives

Judging by the latest beta released by the App, the activation of WhatsApp Web is irreversible: it is obsolete, we must say goodbye to this mode.

Let’s console ourselves: the multi-device will allow us to use the instant messaging app on 5 devices: the phone number it can be connected to 5 devices (smartphone with SIM + 4 other devices including tablet and PC) without internet connection, without having to lean on the phone to work.

A nice convenience if we think that you can work safely with WhatsApp when the phone is off, avoiding the boredom of notifications.

Soon, the activation of the new function will be permanent for all users.

To know all the information on the advantages of multi-device just join the beta on Settings> Connected Devices> Multi-Device Beta.

No official announcement, for now, from WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Beta multi-device: advantages

The WhatsApp update (multi-device Beta version) will allow millions of users to use the web version independently of the mobile version.

Many users have complained of problems that prevent the smooth use of the web service, too dependent on the app on smartphones: when the battery dropped below 15% or if the phone did not have maximum coverage, the web version stopped running. shot to run. Finally, with the new update, all these problems will be just a bad memory. You can use the app without having to connect your PC and phone, even with the phone off and without an Internet connection: just the computer on.

Not only that: switching from iOS to Android the chronology it will not be lost and they can be done calls and video calls with your PC using the webcam and microphone.

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