Facades Bonus 2022: the Draghi revolution! The last!

The heated debate of the Government around the Home bonuses that should also be extended for next year.

However, the crux of the matter revolves around the two main bonuses: the Superbonus 110% and the Facades Bonus.

In fact, these are the two bonuses that were most interesting for many Italians.

Needless to say, they were the ones who were most successful.

But what are they for?

For those few who were not aware of these two bonuses, it should be emphasized that their goal is to facilitate Italians who intend to renovate their home.

Let’s say that these bonuses had a dual purpose. On the one hand they gave a real boost to construction, a sector that had been severely hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, however, they have helped many citizens to carry out renovations which, perhaps, they had wanted to do for some time.

Yet, although the two bonuses have been highly appreciated by citizens, it seems that they may have two different outcomes for 2022.

In fact, while an extension was immediately confirmed for the 110% Superbonus, the Government decided to proceed differently for the Facade Bonus.

Initially it seemed that this measure would be canceled with the end of the current year, to be precise on 31 December 2021.

Indeed, the Facades Bonus was not mentioned in any way in the Budget Planning Document (DPB).

However, it seems that the government has retraced its steps, probably also due to the enormous controversy that arose when the Facciate Bonus seemed to be done for now.

Consequently, this bonus has been inserted again in the draft of the Budget Law for 2022. Yet, not as we know it today.

In this article we go into more detail regarding the theme of the Facades Bonus to understand what are the substantial differences that will be made for 2022 and how to use them.

Facades Bonus: the extension is coming for 2022

First of all we would like to underline that, although the official document relating to the 2022 Budget Law does not yet exist, the Facade Bonus should not know.

In fact, we will most likely find it again next year.

Also, as we know, there will also be renewal for another very important bonus: the Superbonus 110%.

Still, both measures will undergo important changes that we must necessarily know.

On the one hand the Superbonus, measure that allows you to obtain a tax deduction of 110% on the expenditure incurred, will undergo some improvements. On the other hand, there will be some limitations for the Facade Bonus.

To find out what the fate of Superbonus 110% will be, I leave you the link to the dedicated article: Superbonus 110%: Draghi’s Dietrofront! Latest news!

Returning to us, let’s see what lies behind the extension of the Facades Bonus for 2022.

First of all it is good to define what this bonus is for.

In fact, when we talk about Facades Bonus we refer to a bonus that allows you to have access to a 90% deduction on the expenses incurred to renovate the external facades of the buildings.

Remember: an important requirement is that these spaces are visible from the street or other public areas.

Now that we have understood what the Facades Bonus and the 110% Superbonus are, it is good to underline that these are two particularly complex measures. Precisely for this reason some citizens find it very difficult to obtain them.

As a result, the government has been planning a reform of these measures for months to make them more easily accessible to Italian citizens who wish to apply for them.

Probably this was precisely the cause of the great discontent that arose when the Facades Bonus was not included in the Planning Budget Document.

However, the situation has now changed. The Facades Bonus will also be available in 2022, but with different rules and percentages.

Let’s go and discover them.

Facade Bonus extended in 2022: what are the new percentages?

As we have seen, although there was no mention of the Facade Bonus in the Budget Planning Document, we cannot say the same for the draft of the 2022 Budget Law.

Consequentially, it seems that this measure that allows to restore the external facades of the buildings will be there again next year.

However, the bonus we will have in 2022 is very different from how we know it today.

Consequently, it is good to know the differences thoroughly in order not to run into any kind of problem.

What appears to be certain, according to official documents, is that the amount of this measure will suffer a drastic cut.

Consequentially, all those who request access to the Facades Bonus for the next year will be able to obtain a lower benefit than those who obtained it this year.

To date, as the full name of the Facades Bonus suggests, we can have access to a 90% deduction on the expenses that are incurred.

Here, for the next year it is expected that the amount of this deduction can be lowered up to 60%.

The cut is undoubtedly drastic and frowned upon by most Italians. Yet, it is also good to consider the other side of the coin.

In fact, the positive side is that, for the moment, a maximum ceiling has not yet been established for the expenditure that can be sustained.

Consequently, if we take into account that the Facades Bonus is accessible to anyone who wants to renovate the external facades of their home, even a 60% deduction represents an excellent possibility for Italian families.

Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the requirements for accessing this measure have not undergone any changes.

But what were the original requirements that, in all likelihood, will also be maintained throughout 2022?

Let us first remember that only homes that are located in areas A or B of cities will be entitled to access the Facades Bonus. Therefore, all the properties that are in zone C must wait and hope that they will be considered in the 2022 Budget Law.

Facades Bonus and 110% Superbonus: how are they similar and how are they different?

First of all, to understand why one measure was immediately extended, while the other was in danger of disappearing, it is good to know what the similarities are and what the differences are about these two measures.

The analogy between these two bonuses is clear: both are focused on carrying out renovations on their homes.

Furthermore, as far as economic facilitation is concerned, they operate in the same way. We are talking about the tax credit, that is an IRPEF deduction which remains very high in both cases.

However, as we know, these are two different bonuses and which consequently serve different purposes.

It is precisely the ultimate purpose of the bonus that immediately led to a safe renewal of the 110% Superbonus and a possible farewell to the Facades Bonus.

But where can we find this substantial difference?

As we said, the goals change. But let’s get a better understanding of what this concept means.

Let’s say that, in the case of the Facciate Bonus, the final objective is purely aesthetic. In fact, this bonus is used to restore the external facades of buildings visible from the street.

No increase in the efficiency of the building, no major structural changes, just an aesthetic intervention.

On the contrary, the Superbonus 110% allows for major structural changes, such as increasing the energy efficiency of the building or reducing the seismic risk.

Now that we understand what the differences in goals are, let’s clarify what interests the Draghi Government most for the next few years.

Indeed, it is worth pointing out that there are objectives that Draghi has set himself and must respect towards the European Union.

There, these objectives concern safety and sustainability.

It goes without saying that these purposes can be achieved through the use of the 110% Superbonus, while they cannot be achieved with the Facades Bonus.

In fact, with the Superbonus it will not only be possible to secure the home by making it more modern, but it will also achieve a lower environmental impact.

So, we have understood that the Facades Bonus, being a purely aesthetic measure, does not allow to achieve these objectives that the Government has set itself.

Here is the clear reason why there was no trace of its extension in the Budget Planning Document.

Beyond the Facade Bonus: what happens to the other House Bonuses?

In 2021, we had countless bonuses, we know it.

Many of them were aimed precisely at the renovation of our homes.

Nevertheless, among all the home bonuses present, only two (in addition to those already mentioned) are going towards an extension.

These are the green bonus and the furniture and appliances bonus.

Well, why are these bonuses, while the others will see their end on December 31, 2021?

Do these measures serve to achieve the objectives that have been established by the European Union?

The answer is: in part.

However, as will happen in the case of the Facades Bonus, resources will also be limited for the green bonus and the furniture and appliances bonus.

In fact, the green bonus will include a 36% deduction on expenses incurred on a maximum amount of 5,000 euros. It goes without saying that a maximum deduction of 1,800 euros can be obtained.

Instead, in the case of the furniture and appliances bonus, the deduction will be lowered to 50% by a maximum of 5,000 euros.

Consequently, we will go from a maximum deduction of 8,000 euros scheduled for 2021, to a maximum deduction of 2,500 euros for 2022.

This is a substantial decrease to be able to take advantage of these bonuses. In fact, many people are wondering if they can get that bonus early by carrying out the renovations over the next year.

However, at the moment, we do not have any news about it yet.

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